What is the difference between lcd and led tv

Then you get the total power consumption per day, electricity bill per day, per month, per year. LCD is nothing but a liquid crystal which has backlight of fluorescent lamp, LED is nothing but a Light-emitting diode which emits the lights during current flow and CRT is nothing but a cathode-ray tube CRT which contains vacuum along with the electron gun. The above rate is purely collected from the official site, Amazon and Flipkart. The wattage will be varied between the manufacture and the model number.

What is an idle mind

Idleness is something that God dislikes. It is the state of being lazy, inactive and without motion. Worse, it is also the state of being superficial, pointless and purpose-less - something that God didn't create you for. Idleness opens up various doors of opportunity for the devil to enter. Paul warned the young Timothy of the effects of idleness in 1 Timothy Although he was talking about younger widows in context, Paul specifically mentioned that idleness turn individuals into "busybodies who talk nonsense, saying things they ought not to.

What is synagis shot for

Generic Name: palivizumab Dosage Form: injection, solution. Medically reviewed by Drugs. Last updated on Dec 1, Synagis is indicated for the prevention of serious lower respiratory tract disease caused by respiratory syncytial virus RSV in pediatric patients:. The safety and efficacy of Synagis have not been established for treatment of RSV disease [see Warnings and Precautions 5. The recommended dose of Synagis is 15 mg per kg of body weight given monthly by intramuscular injection. The first dose of Synagis should be administered prior to commencement of the RSV season and the remaining doses should be administered monthly throughout the RSV season.

How do you store rhubarb

Rhubarb is one of the first crops of the year; the plant springs to life when temperatures rise into the 40sF; begin the rhubarb harvest as soon as stalks are ready. Stems harvested in early spring will be the most tender and flavorful. Rhubarb is naturally tart and is commonly coupled with strawberries. Do not wait for stalks to get too big around or too mature -they can be pithy and tough especially when hit by hot weather or drought. Pithy stems can be used for stewing, sauces, and jams.

How to build a diorama house

Make a picture perfect Diorama using Extruded foam from your local hardware store and some modeling supplies. This diorama is th scale, or as it's better known, HO scale. I got my supplies from a local hobby shop. If you want to order the supplies online, A good site is www. They provide tons of materials for dioramas and model train layouts. Browse scenery and different scale buildings to match your dioramas needs.

What hospital was bob marley born in

Considered one of the pioneers of reggae , his musical career was marked by fusing elements of reggae, ska , and rocksteady , as well as his distinctive vocal and songwriting style. During this period Marley relocated to London , and the group embodied their musical shift with the release of the album The Best of The Wailers The group attained international success after the release of the albums Catch a Fire and Burnin' both , and forged a reputation as touring artists. Following the disbandment of the Wailers a year later, Marley went on to release his solo material under the band's name. A few months after the album's release Marley survived an assassination attempt at his home in Jamaica, which prompted him to permanently relocate to London.

How to convert pvr files

Want to get full entertainment of all those recording programs not only on your PVR decoders but also on your PC, smartphone or tablets. The following article will focus on the topic of playing and converting files on PVR decoders. Before going any further, let's first at a glance at PVR decoders recorded file formats. However, during the process of recording, the individual decoders may change the encryption and extension of these recorded videos. Therefore after recording on a qsat decoder, you get something like filename. The encryption of qsat is stronger than that of tlink.

How to arrange picture frames on wall

A few months ago, Charlottesville photographer Amy Benoit, who operates Sweet Pea Photography , posted pictures of some beautiful frames on her blog. A wall gallery do not create in minutes, to get a good result need attention and study of details and inspiration. Useful examples here. It's finally finished. And it turned out better then I thought it would. My gallery wall.

How to explain diabetes to kids

Maybe a kid you know always eats a snack during a soccer game or goes to the school nurse before lunch to get a shot. If you have a friend or a classmate like this - or this sounds just like you - you're not alone. Thousands of kids all over the world do stuff like this every day because they have type 1 diabetes say: dye-uh-BEE-tees. What is it. Let's find out.

What channel is fsn on directv tv

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