Chinese calendar on how to conceive a boy

chinese calendar on how to conceive a boy

Predicts Baby Boy before Pregnancy using Chinese Gender Chart

Mar 18,  · It takes 49 as the base, plus the lunar month of conception, minus the lunar age at conception. If the result is an odd number, it should be a boy; otherwise it is a girl. For example, someone is 31 lunar years old and got pregnant in lunar January, 49+=19, so she should be conceiving a . Using the chart, scroll down the left side to find the lunar age of the mother. Following the age column, scroll to the right to find the month of conception to find out the gender prediction. If the box is blue, it's a boy, if it's pink, it's a girl. Baby Conception Using Chinese Calendar TechniquesAuthor: Gabrielle Applebury.

One legend says that the chart is around years old and that it was found in an ancient royal tomb. Another rumor claims the chart was found in the underground storage room of the Forbidden City of the Ching Dynasty. The most popular tale is that the chart was created during the Chinese Qing Dynast A. It was kept in the palace and was not available to the public.

At the end of the Qing dynasty, the chart was taken during the Boxers Rebellion by the military, and the documents were then sent to England. They were given to the King, and it was translated into English. The chart later appeared in Austria, and when one Chinese scholar saw it, he copied the content, brought it to Taiwan, and published it in the newspaper in The accuracy of the Chinese Gender Calendar Chart is questionable.

Some say its accuracy is higher than other gender prediction tools. We caution anyone who is relying on this method to conceive a certain gender. Many people think that these charts go by Gregorian or Western chinese calendar on how to conceive a boy dates. All you have to do is:. With your information, our calculator will convert your dates into your lunar dates for you with a final gender prediction.

There is only one Chinese Gender Calendar Chart, and it never changes. If you find others elsewhere with different predictions, those predictions are incorrect and must not be using the original Chinese Gender What causes a ph imbalance.

How does Chinese gender calculator work?

30 rows · Choose Your Baby's Gender with Chinese Baby Gender Chart Now. Simply select 'Your . Mar 15,  · If the year contains the element of the son, then the woman has a chance to have a baby boy in that year. Find the element sign of the son from the birth chart. Check the element sign of the son in a certain year. Search the months that contain the element sign of the son to increase the chance to have a baby boy. Know when to get pregnant to have a baby girl and which month to get pregnant for a baby boy. Chinese Gender Chart Enter Mother's date of birth and the year of conception (if already conceived) or expected year of conception (if trying for a baby) in the form given below. This online Chinese baby gender calendar will convert the age and dates into Chinese year format and perform the calculations as per the chinese birth chart.

This study discusses the relationships between the Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart and sex ratio at birth by different countries and seasons. We also create a revised Baby Gender Calendar to solve the problem of the Chinese lunar leap month. Before planning for a baby boy or girl in or , we should know what the meanings are behind the year and The Chinese New Year Day is the first lunar day of the first lunar month. If a baby is born on or after February 4, and before February 3, , then the Chinese zodiac sign is Rat.

If born after February 3, , then the Chinese zodiac sign is Cow. The Zodiac signs are nothing to do with the Chinese New Year. Many women wish to conceive their desired baby gender next pregnancy.

Today, the medical high-tech gender selection can help people choose the gender of the baby. But it will cost us a lot. Therefore, some women who have a gender preference might ask for the non-scientific Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart on how to choose the baby gender before pregnancy.

If you want to take the Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart into consideration for the next pregnancy time, you need to know about the Chinese lunar months. We will explain the details below to help you to plan for having a desired gender baby. Therefore, we have to know when Chinese lunar months begin and end in If you plan for a baby in , then the following Chinese Baby Calendar lunar months can help you choosing the conception's month for the desired baby gender in The following lunar months are calculated using the China time zone.

Chinese Lunar Months are different from different time zones. The easiest way to predict the baby gender is from the Chinese Baby Gender Predictor , which does the calculations using the birthday, Chinese age, the lunar month, and time zone before determining the correct baby gender.

We can treat the first half of the leap month as lunar month 4 and the second half of the leap month as lunar month 5. That means May 23, to June 6, is in lunar month 4. June 7, to June 20, is in lunar month 5. The Gender Prediction Chart is a statistical datasheet.

It's not very accurate. Why do we want to reference it if not accurate? If you understand the meaning behind the Gender Prediction Chart, then you will know there is a value there. Many families in the world prefer boy babies. According to the data bank from United Nations Population Division shows the sex ratio of male births per female births is 1. The ratio at China is 1. The average sex ratio from to is about 1. The US sex ratio between males and females is 1.

That means that at birth on average, there are males for every females. This number is close to the US sex ratio. Woman's age is the Chinese age. Woman's Conception Month is the Chinese lunar month. Blue is for boy and pink is for girl in the chart. The boy predictions are and the girl predictions are The sex ratio of male per female is 0. If we count for boy blue box in the Prediction Chart for all month columns, we find that January, February, March, and April have higher boy counts.

That means the conception months in January, February, March, and April are favorable to have a baby boy. The Summer season is favorable to the baby girl. Do the seasons affect the gender of babies? It stated that Chinese mothers pregnant in summer or winter had a higher probability of delivering girls than those pregnant in spring. The statistic data was from Chinese children who were born between 1 January and 31 November They had very good high-quality birth data from the parents.

Among children, there were boys The Chinese sex ratio of boy per girl is 1. The following is the monthly sex ratio chart. That means the survey data of baby gender in the Ching Dynasty had a similar result to China birth data between and The energy of Yang growing months from December to April is favorable to have a baby boy in China. Regarding the factors of temperatures and seasons influencing baby gender, different countries reported different results.

That tells us regions affect the sex ratio at birth. What we interest in now is the relationship between months and baby genders by regions. The total records are more than Pregnancy lasts for about days or 40 weeks.

It's for about nine months. The sex ratio at birth of the USA in is 1. Girls like to born in the USA today. Probably girls have a better human right in the USA. The USA monthly sex ratio counts are in the following. The higher sex ratio months are January, May, and June. More boys were born from the conception months in April, August, and September according to US birth data. For all other regions, April and September are good months to conceive a baby boy.

May and December are good months to conceive a baby girl. However, most of the birth data collected for the chart is before It looks that the sex ratio will change from generation to generation. If you are interested in today's sex ratio in your country, then look for it from your government website. The blue boxes in the chart below indicate a higher sex ratio of male to female. The next is how to select the days to conceive the desired baby gender using the Chinese lunar calendar.

If a woman wants to plan for a baby boy, then when are the good days in April and September to conceive? Do you know the Chinese Lunar Calendar needs 7 extra lunar months in 19 years? Chinese Lunar Calendar needs a year of 13 lunar months around every three years in order to synchronize the cycle of the sun.

That means you will see a leap month intercalary month every three years. The total of lunar days is the 4th lunar month is This becomes an issue to apply to the Baby Gender Prediction Chart. Some people suggested that the days in the first half of leap 4th month should group into the 4th month.

The days in the second half of leap 4th month treat in the 5th lunar days. Both the 4th and 5th lunar months have around 44 lunar days. A normal lunar month has 29 or 30 days. Some people won't accept this approach. While doing the survey for the Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart , a few women emailed us and said the Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart is accurate; they tried many birth data of the relatives using the solar Gregorian months, not the Calendar lunar months. According to the theory of the Chinese Lunar Calendar , the first zodiac month is the Tiger month, which is equivalent to the first lunar month.

Rat month is corresponding to the 11th lunar month and Cow month is corresponding to the 12th lunar month. In the way, we don't have the trouble of leap months.

The days in the lunar month and also in the corresponding Zodiac month are the new revised lunar months. If a woman wants to use the suggestion of the Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart to conceive the next baby, then she should use the revised lunar months.

If a woman desires to have a baby boy, she can look for the blue box of the Gender Prediction Chart in April and September columns to determine the conception month using her Chinese age. The next choices of the conception month are August, October, January, February, or November depending on her country. Then the conception day can choose from the revised lunar months above.

If a woman prefers to have a baby girl, then she can try the days in May, June, or December. Caesarian Birth Option. Chinese Gender Predictor Accurate? India Sex Ratio vs. Gender Predictor. Baby Gender Chart vs.

USA Women. Chinese Baby Gender Predictor. Plan for Baby Boy or Girl in or Before planning for a baby boy or girl in or , we should know what the meanings are behind the year and Gender Predictor Baby Gender Chart vs.

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