How to downscale 4k to 1080p

how to downscale 4k to 1080p

How to Convert a Movie from 4K to 1080p

Jun 19,  · Learn how to downscale 4K to P, try this easy video software this tutorial, you’ll learn w Author: Digiarty - VideoProc. Apr 24,  · Enter Giveaway to Free Get ultra video solution to compress, convert and edit 4K video. Know more about video compression: https://www.

We all have some 4K videos that are downloaded from YouTube, Vimeo, or shot by some cameras like Canon. However, there is one more problem that remains: the videos that are shot in 4K are often too large for uploading, or even keeping them 4, you on your laptop, or your devices.

Some media players will encounter screen freezing or audio and video out of sync problems when playing or editing 4K UHD video if your computer configuration and graphics performance are not strong enough. The size of 4K video is usually very large, and the video how to downscale 4k to 1080p only 1 or 2 minutes will be hundreds of megabytes, which is not conducive to storage and upload to the video-sharing sites like upload what happened on 95 south today to YouTube.

The 4K video can only be enjoyed on the 4K monitor, but the mobile what a party pass for the dallas cowboys such as smartphones and tablets that people prefer are rarely able to reach the 4K standard.

Next, let's learn how to convert 4k to P with high quality. Easily downscale 4K to P or lower and enjoy it as you wish. The software meets all your desires to downscale 4K to P, P to P with the best output dowbscale and the fastest conversion speed.

Below is the detail on how to convert 4K video to P. Free download Free download this software to get started! Click the Add Files button and then Add Videos in the upper downsfale corner of the program interface.

Choose the video files you want to convert and click Open. Now select a proper format as the output format from how to downscale 4k to 1080p pop-up window. You can choose any output format, but for better compatibility and image quality, MP4 is one of the best options. Click on MP4 icon downscape Video tab. Option 2: Click "Parameter Settings" button to customize the video resolution. Meanwhile, other parameters can be adjusted according to your own requirements like bit ratesample rateetc.

The most important final step is converting 4K how to downscale 4k to 1080p P. Click the inverted triangle icon to specify where your converted files should be saved. And click the "Run" button to begin the 4K to P conversion process. With hardware acceleration, the conversion will be fast. This operation is simpler than you 4o, right?

Finally, if you have any questions about convert 4K video to P, please feel free to contact us. Download it to have a try! Free Download. Recommended by the author. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Tutorial on How to Downscale 4K to P. Many people are reluctant to downscale 4K to P, but you have to do this in some cases: 1.

Step 2: Select Output Format Now select a proper format as the output format from the pop-up window. Option 1: Simply drag the output resolution to P. At last All Rights Reserved.

Why Do We Want to Downscale 4K to 1080P?

Sep 09,  · Start to downscale 4K to p Once you're sure all the settings is OK, click the Convert button to start the conversion. When the conversion completes, click "Open" button to locate the p videos. Now yo can do a lot the image and retain detail for a beautiful p finish. Click the blue "Convert" button at the bottom right side of the program window, the 4K to p conversion process will start. You can monitor its progress on a new window while the conversion is taking place. It will take some time while this 4K converter downscales the video of 4K Ultra HD and save into resolution. Sep 28,  · p on 4k is pretty bad, the ratio doesnt add up. its way better p because its gonna be ratio. I tried many res and p is definetly better if your planning to play downscaled game. p just doesnt look good, everything is weird.

Many cameras, phones are capable to shoot video in 4K resolution. That doesn't mean we all have access to take advantages of those true-to-life pictures. Limited by display devices, decode technology, bandwidth, 4K sources, and many factors, we are not yet able to race onto the 4K bandwagon. Therefore many times we need to downscale 4K to P. Don't know whether it is necessary to lower the resolution or where to begin?

Take it easy. This post will make clear the reason of downscaling 4K to p and show you a detailed how-to guide. Editing the film before uploading or sharing is necessary. But 4K makes the video editing a real nightmare. It is so much work on video editing programs and takes up so much space. Of those, the price of GPU remains high since skyrocketing in Expensive PC building makes editing 4K the sole preserve of expertise. Most of the computer monitors are still in a P resolution.

A 4K monitor usually tagged with 4x the price of HD monitor. Not that 4K monitor alone costs high. The point is, though a TV or computer is equipped with a 4K display, it may lack the support of HDR10, backlight control, 4K 60fps decode technology.

Does that mean we have no possibilities to enjoy the life-like 4K pictures? Absolutely not! There's a silver lining in this cloud. Downscale 4K to P will recreate the true-to-life visual experience.

In the age of mobile, the majority of videos uploading to YouTube are downscaled from 4K to P as the fact that there is only slightly visual difference existed between P and 4K videos displayed on a phone with an only 6-in monitor.

The downscaled footages deliver more stunning images with vivid colors and deeper contrast than ordinary P footages, which will definitely provide a visually pleasing experience. When we scale down the footage to fit a lower resolution, each pixel has several pixels to reference for what it should be. Any editing decision that involves zoom effect, such as crop, applied to a P video comes with the sacrificing of quality.

When we crop the video, pixels will be blown up, and repeated or interpolated to fill the blank space. Things will be different when we zoom in on a 4K video. A two-minute segment of 4K video takes up around MB space on your device. Let alone some hours-long 4K films. Downscaling 4K to P can save immense storage space, and also enables us uploading videos fast. Your PC has to be well-built to handle the enormous amount of data.

Lags, stuttering are the common headache we will be facing. The majority of popular phones are designed with size 6in to 8in. It is hard for that small display to show all details of 4K videos. Since downscaling 4K video to P helps us save a lot of space without any visible quality loss, why not make you life easier by dealing with P? There are a lot of software out there that purport to convert 4K to P. They'll advertise themselves as fast and versatile.

But as we're all too well aware, most of these converters are just plain crap. Slowing down the computer, and exporting video in extremely low quality and etc. Moreover, they often come packaged with toolbars or malware which may do great harm to our PC. In this article, we detail 4 of the best apps for downscaling 4K to P. Each comes with unique features to target a specific purpose. You can choose the one according to demand. Meet the powerful engine baked in VideoProc.

It adopts a unique motion-adaptive pixel scaling algorithm to ensure lossless 4K to P converting. You can use the target format guidance to 1-click select output format with ease, without knowing the nitty-gritty of codecs, video bitrate, audio sample rate, etc. These formats are user-ready presets to select upon exporting. For instance, if you are going to upload the downscaled p to YouTube, you can select any video format presets for YouTube.

These presets help you to process the video with best bitrate, and codec for YouTube, as per the platform requirements. Besides, VideoProc supports hardware acceleration for H It delivers high output speed. Step 3 : Click the blue gear and find the resolution setting options. Choose x as the output resolution. For your reference, there are several 4K resolutions in the industry. As you can see, besides the standard and aspect ratio, some 4K resolution corresponds to other less common aspect ratio.

See the table below:. No matter which 4K resolution video you have at hand, VideoProc allows you to set custom or fixed resolutions and aspect ratio upon exporting, catering to all kinds of scenarios even if you encounter a rare video format. It can also be used to downscale 4K footages to P clips. As open-source software, it is totally free without any limitation or watermarks.

But most 4K videos are compressed by H. Besides, it doesn't support hardware acceleration, so it has weak performance in speed. Despite the cons, it is still an outstanding free converter.

Adobe Premiere Pro enjoys a good reputation in the field of video editing. Powerful editing capability, flexible interface, GPU acceleration make it a top choice for video editing software. For many editing specialists, it is just close to being perfect.

To convert a 4K video to P, a branch of editing is absolute without any problem. However, Premiere Pro is not friendly to beginners who know little about video codecs. You may often encounter errors like HEVC missing codec error. Moreover, it needs a strong PC build as a simple convert task may slow down the performance of the computer. To select the right output parameters could also be a long process of trial and error.

Note: VP9 may fail to be imported due to missing codecs. Then they will change anything you need to always take this box maximum to render quality and maximum bit depth. Enter scale as And Select H. Premiere Pro provides us many ways to downscale 4K to P. We highly recommend Premiere Pro for shrinking 4K to P if you need to apply complicated after effect like adding filters, professional color corrections. However, if simply want to downscale the footage, why not use a hammer to kill a hell.

Do not disturb yourself with a daunting tool. Some of us want to convert 4K to HD quality footages without installing any software. A decent online converter can do a big effort. A lot of online converters out there purport to convert video files at fast speed.

Among them, HD convert is strongly recommended as it can scale down any video to HD size with high quality and turbo speed. A simple and initiative user interface allows us to spend no time to learn the way to use it.

It is good enough to be the leader of the online converter, but far from being perfect. It only exports MP4, P, H, 6. As an online tool, HDconvert relies high on network state. Step 3 : Click File to find the converted file which is also our target video. Click Download to save it on our PC. I am not a premium member, so the output file is delivered with watermark.

Overall, the converting speed is fast, but uploading, downloading speed me some time. Another annoying thing is that there are some ads for unknown apps, we may miss click it and enter the landing page of advertisements. Each tool has its cons and pros. To choose the right tool to downscale videos by asking yourself: Where the footage will be uploaded? What is the type of source footage? Do you know any knowledge about videos? How's your computer and network?

All these aspects should be taken into account. For a better reference, I will compare the test result here. Quality matters most. You won't want any compromise to quality when converting the high resolution 4k movie to a p clip.

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