How to make a nice braid

how to make a nice braid

9 Cool Braids and How to Do Them {hair tutorials}

Aug 27, If you want a side braid, brush and separate your hair to the side on which you want the braid to fall. 2 Separate your hair into three even sections at the crown of the head (or side of the head, if that's where you want the braid to start): left, right, and middle. The section should be about two inches, or enough to begin a basic braid. Jan 12, Ive been thinking that it would be cool with a basic tutorial of the 10 most common braids. In this video I have created a quick tutorial for the10 braids.

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Select how to make a nice braid ads. Create a personalised ads profile. Select personalised ads. Apply market research to generate audience insights. Measure content performance. Develop and improve products. List of Partners vendors. I hate to admit it, especially as a beauty editor, but I completely suck at braiding.

I blame my mother, who never French-braided my hair when I was a kid. Now, my profession requires me to scroll longingly through gorgeous braided hairstyles on Pinterest and YouTube, unable to master them no matter how many times I scrutinize the step-by-step instructions. These how to become a big brother housemate braided double buns are perfect for fast-approaching summer days.

They're quick, easy, and gentle on natural hair. Part your hair down the middle. Run a moisturizing oil or gel through your hair from root to tip to nourish and slick down your strands for a sleek look. Starting at the front of one side, take a one-inch lock of hair and braid it. Gather the rest of your unbraided hair from the same side, and tie it up with the braid at bbraid back of your head. Let it poof out naturally into a fun, textured bun.

How to make a nice braid on the other side. This braided updo looks posh enough to wear to a wedding or ritzy dinner event. Part your hair in the middle, then divide it into two even sections. Braid each section regularly, and secure the ends with a clear elastic. Lightly mske the loops of the braids outward hpw make them fatter.

Next, flip the braids up and over the top of how to make a nice braid head, and secure them there with bobby pins. Free a few strands of hair so they fall around your face for a softer, messier hos. I knowit looks Go and hard. You only have to handle two strands of hair at a time.

And for the braid-challenged, less hair involved equals less confusion. Rbaid on the left side, grab a two-inch section of hair about six inches back from your hairline, and split it in two. Cross the piece nearest to your ho over the other piece. Then, drop that uow piece and pick up a new piece of hair in its place.

Now, just like you did in the previous step, cross the new piece on the bottom over that top piece. Then, drop the top piece. This is the start of your waterfall twist. Repeat these same steps, continuing your waterfall twist until you reach the back of your head.

There, pin the end of the twist aside. Repeat steps one through four on the right side of your head to create the same design. Once you reach the back of your head on the nicf, combine the ends of both twists with a small elastic. Optional: Disguise the elastic by wrapping a small strand of hair around it and pinning underneath. Told you these would be easy! Visit Top Inspired for step-by-step photos. Start with unwashed hair sprayed throughout with dry shampoo. This is generally the best hair texture to braid with, as it provides the most grip.

Gather all of your hair to the side, and divide it into two equal ti. Braid one section regularly, and secure with an elastic. Next, braid the second section of hair. When you get to the very end of the second braid, remove the elastic brwid the first braid, and layer the end of one braid over the end of the other to seamlessly combine them.

Secure both braids together with an elastic. Gently tug the loops of the braids outward to make them fuller. You can even sneak a bobby pin in there to make sure the braids stick together. Plus, it works especially well for short-haired girls. Brush your brair from root to tip to detangle snarls while smoothing ince hair cuticle.

Using a comb, part your hair in the middle, forming a clean line from forehead to the nape of the neck. Starting with one side, braid down and secure with a clear elastic. Finally, we suggest completing the look with fresh, dewy skin and kohl-rimmed eyes for ultimate nostalgic impact. Kristin Ess on Instagram. Most updos that are this romantic and pretty involve way how to make a nice braid delicate handiwork than a beginner braider has to offerbut not this one.

Check out this minute-long video version of the tutorial. Start by grabbing a small section of hair from one side of your head, close to your part, and braiding it. You can leave that small braid hanging for now. Take another section of hair a few inches below that braid say, from just above your earand create a simple twist. Repeat step twocreating one braid and one twiston the other side of your head.

Gather all the braids and the twists to the back of your head, and secure with a small elastic. Flip hhow remaining hair up, and tuck it into the band created by how to make a nice braid braids and twists.

Secure with bobby pinsand behold. Remember that crown braid we walked you through? Using a comb, part your hair in the middle, forming a clean line from your forehead all the way down to the back of your neck. Braid each side into a classic pigtail braid. Wrap one braid over your head, near your forehead, what do methadone pills look like pin it. Wrap the pigtail braid from the other side under your head, near the nape of your neck, and secure with bobby pins.

Add bobby pins along both braids, making sure they feel tight and secure on the rest of your hair. Head over to A Cup of Jo for more photos of the tutorial. Create a center part.

Then, grab a four- or five-inch section of hair on one side of your head. Leave a few strands of hair in front for a messier, more boho look. Braid this section of hair, starting loosely at the top and braiding toward the back of your head instead of braiding straight downso the braid is at a slight slant.

Secure the end with an elastic. Repeat steps one and nicw on the other how to get black cab licence in london of your head. Cross the first braid behind your head so that it swoops down toward amke nape of your neck. This creates a more flattering, effortless look. Pin it to the nraid of your head with bobby pins, making sure to tuck in the tail. Repeat step four on the other side.

Luckily, this how to make a nice braid style gives that same Bohemian effect, no genius necessary. Click over to Free People to find more photos of the brraid. Pull your hair back into a low pony, and secure what are the factors of 1000 a small clear elastic or a thin elastic that matches your hair color.

Split the brakd in half just above the elastic to create a little vertical opening. Then, grab your pony, and flip it up and through that opening, so it loops back around. A few inches below that first elastic, wrap another elastic around the ponytail and create another opening just above it as you did in step two.

Repeat the rest of too two with this new section of the ponytail, looping the pony up and through the vertical opening. Use one last elastic to section off the end what color shoes to wear with tan pants the ponytail a few inches below the second elastic. These hidden braids paired with brwid classic half-up maake are the perfect combination of subtle and mkae. Rest assured because gone are the days of scrambling in the mirror for quick, Sunday brunchappropriate hair.

This one works best with second-day hair. If your hair is squeaky-clean aka too silky-slippery to brzidspritz a dry shampoo or texturizing spray throughout. Section your hair into a how to make a nice braid and a bottom layer, securing the top layer into a half-up ponytail with a clear elastic.

VIDEO: How to Make Your Braids Stand Out

Trick#1: Braid a little tight Going tight like this works because it adds some tension to the style. That way when you pancake it the tension will help the hair to hold the shape as you fan it out. In the process each loop has a nice arch on the outer edge which is pretty.

An easy braided hairstyle can be difficult to find, because most of them take certain skills and precision to succeed.

The next time you need to fly right out the door without sacrificing a cute hairstyle, try one of these 38 easy braids.

There are, of course, more cool quick braided ideas below. If you are just beginning your styling experiments, try the hairstyle you like on the week-end when you are not in the rush to test it. In this style, you can use a twist in place of a crown braid for the same cool look. Remember playing double Dutch jump rope as a little kid during a recess? Now you can bring your childhood memories back to life with this easy braiding hairstyle of the same name.

Forget about headbandsthis style will hold your messy fringe back without awkward clips or pins. Get the Tutorial From Barefoot Blonde! Start by tying your hair into a high ponytail and then dividing it into two separate sections. Secure those sections with an elastic and then pull the rest of the hair through the middle, utilizing the same method all the way down. Get the Tutorial From Confessions of a Hairstylist!

This cute double braided bun is a great way to pull your hair back in the heat while still maintaining a quirky and chic style. Who would have thought that milkmaid braids could be so darn adorable? Messy is practically synonymous with braids.

If you like that low maintenance, cool and relaxed look, an easy braid ponytail will completely rock your world! For enhanced but charming disarray, pull the braid gently apart to give it that I-woke-up-like-this vibe.

Get the Tutorial From Join the Mood! This easy hairstyle with braids is another venture into the more difficult and less known braided styles. Think: flannel shirts, high tops and big wiry glasses. This style is a great alternative for shorter hair. This twist braid is the perfect date night hairstyle! Pair it with high-waisted shorts and a crop topyou can never go wrong with that combination.

A pull out braid is a unique take on the braiding trend. It gives your hair a strange uniformity while also adding in some reckless strands to give it from flare. Try it! Your hair will be a total work of art with this one! This easy braided hairstyle is essentially just two twists, two braids and the rest of your hair tucked at the nape for a cute updo look.

When you picture a crown braid, what do you see? I bet I know: all the hair pulled back, a thick braid wrapping around the crown of your head. Instead of going for the traditional one, try out this mini-crown that fits over your hair like a true show of royalty. Get the Tutorial From Rubi Jones! Braids can be ponytails or crowns or headbands. Braids can even be maneuvered into beautiful buns, like in this specific hairstyle. This sleek look shows off a more professional style that can be worn to work or to that internship in the city.

Get the Tutorial From Hair Romance! Everyone had long flowing hair, flower crowns and braids. If you want to get in touch with your inner flower child, these hippie braids are a fun way to recreate the psychedelic decade in your own bathroom mirror.

A lace braid for long hair is a great technique to learn for more formal occasions. If you have a party or a wedding coming up, you can have the easiest and cutest look of the night by pairing your gorgeous evening gown with one little lace braid hidden somewhere in the rest of your hair.

Everyone often sneaks a braid or two on the top layer of their hair. In this fun twist on the look, the braid goes underneath the rest of your tresses. You can get this style with a four strand braid, increasing the visual thickness so it stands out more. Get the Tutorial From MademoiselleRuta! Look at that gorgeous curve! Buns can be boring without the right pizzazz, but this is just the right addition to give your look every bit of flare it needs to waltz you through the night.

You can have a beautiful style without the time and effort! This look will only take two minutes to master; how could you pass up on that? This trendy style works just as well with jeans and a blouse as it does with something dressy.

To get this pretty look, start braiding at your part and work downward in the dutch style. And once you master it, you can add in a cool accent like a string of pearls, chain or ribbon that makes the style very unique. This is a lovely, feminine take on the Mohawk braid that curves at the end. This simple look was created with a dutch fishtail braid that was pulled at, wrapped and pinned at the end to make a sort of voluminous bun.

For the best result, curl hair before you braid and pull it loose at the end. If you have thick hair, then this simple messy style was made for you.

Dutch braid your hair curving the braid to one side allowing for a loose, imperfect tension and then finish off half way down the ends. Hide the pony holder with a messy wrap. For the final touch, pull at the braid to make it chunkier and messier. Easy hairstyles can be so chicthey look like you just threw them together.

No big deal! To get this effortless style, go for a low horizontal dutch braid. Simply dutch braid your hair across the nape, working from one side to the other. This works best for medium length hair. For an ultra-feminine style that can be dressed up or down, go for dutch pigtail braids. You can braid with a loose tension and pull some wisps out at the end. The cutest modern hairstyles are those easy braided looks you can do all by yourself. You may try this look as around-the-head braids or go for two pigtails that are wrapped around the nape of the neck and pinned up next to each other.

This hairstyle would look beautiful with just about any flowy dress and some dangly earrings. Take a section of hair above your ear for a braid and clip it out of the way. Then create an elegant french twist out of remaining hair. Next braid the saved section loosely and bring the braid across the roll, tucking the end of the braid inside.

There are so many styles you can do with braids! This is an idea for a creative half updo for medium and long hair. These lacy criss crossed fishtails remind palm twigs and look like perfect accent pieces for a summertime hairstyle. This cute braided look can be done in a few simple steps.

Section off the front section of your hair and divide it into two parts. Clip them out of the way. Next create a low bun in the back. Then dutch braid the hair in the front and wrap the braids around the back of your head above the bun. Hairstyles with such cool braids work in any situation! Of all the currently trendy hair styles that will boost your confidence one hundred percent, this is the one you need to try today.

It is so chic. Because this cute easy look can go with your normal wardrobeno fancy dress needed for this double braid. It can be easy to get in a hair slump and just be lazy when it comes to long hair. This hairstyle will help you show off your long locks. Create two dutch braids and join them in the back. We also have some gorgeous solutions when it comes to braids for long hair. This simple ballerina bun is perfect for the days when you want your long hair out of the way but you still want to look chic and put together, of course!

Well, throw your hair in a ponytail, braid it all the way down and wrap into a bun. For braid styles that are totally outside the box, think of the braid like an accent instead of the main event. For this updo, section off your bangs or a section of hair above the forehead and braid it with a curve.

Feed the end of the braid into a pretty sock bun. This pretty style is a breeze to copy. The main trick is to find a metal clip that is similar to the tone of your hairsilver if you have cool toned hair like platinum or ash brown, and copper or gold if you have warm toned hair. Simple hairstyles often blend a few different styles and end up looking quite fancy.

This hairstyle is created by, first, making a smooth pool through ponytail and then braiding a fishtail style braid. One key braiding essential to buy is small, clear elastics. If not, then this beautiful style might just give you the inspiration you need to start practicing. The two types of braids you need to learn are the dutch braid and the dutch fishtail braid.

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