How to make a rave outfit

how to make a rave outfit

How To Turn Ordinary Items Into Rave Wonders

Jul 22,  · Hey guys! In this video, I'm showing you guys my entire rave & festival outfit and accessories collection and going over how to build your own closet over ti. Feb 08,  · Line up the fringe along the edge, and cut sized to each side with a little extra just in case. Before you begin sewing, make sure the fringe is all laying the same way so that you don’t sew through the loops wrong. Start on the inside then follow the literal fold .

Across the board, everyone agrees that one of the most unique parts about EDM festivals is the rave outfits. But like everything, the outfits have to start somewhere. In this article, discover what your next DIY rave outfit will be. See our tips on creating a complete outfit, and wow every person you walk by.

If you just end up buying bits and pieces of different rave styles before seeing how they all go together, you can end up with a confusing mixture of neons, pastels, steampunk, and glitter. Your appearance is only limited by your imagination! Here are some good starting points of research.

Find thousand of different ideas and combinations, whether that be scrolling through Pinterest or searching through Google! Think about what style is going to fit your personality the best.

If so, why not change it up a bit? If you usually go drenched how to make a rave outfit all types of Kandi, try going for something tie-dye, or how to make a rave outfit steampunk.

Have an old pair of shorts lying around? Maybe some old, muddy sneakers? This is the perfect opportunity to add a pop of color! Your eyewear will how to make a rave outfit fall off! Look for goggles with eye pads and adjustable straps. Otherwise, you may become uncomfortable and want to take them off half way through the day. Sometimes a regular pair of shades is all you need to enhance your outfit. Take it a step further with diffraction or kaleidoscope lenses!

During the day, you can walk around and be the star of the crowd. So many people come up to glasses like these, and when conversations start, friends are made!

At night, you can watch the fantastic, prismatic light show of your favorite EDM artists. Sit back and let yourself experience the light! Another piece of eyewear to consider is colored contacts. Contacts that alter the appearance of your eyes could be perfect for completing your look. You could wear black, white, red, or even glow in the dark contacts!

For example, looking for an alien theme? Try a visor! They look sleek and totally interstellar! With projects likes these, sewing is easy to learn. You can go simple and sew a few flowers onto a what is the definition of diode to give it an earthy feel. Many ravers have taken pieces of leather and haphazardly sew them onto a jacket or shirt.

Because it is made to look messy, a bad job at sewing is ideal! This will give a grungy, biker, or even prehistoric look. Depending on what accessories you add, you could become anything! For a more skilled seamstress, you always have the option to sew and glue how to make a rave outfit a glittering spectacle. If you go this route, make sure you have enough time and resources available.

Or realize that your sewing capabilities are not what you thought the were and the project takes hours longer than you planned. As with every DIY project you try, stay patient! You need room to practice and learn. Videos on stage, spotlights, glowing buildings, bulbs in trees… Even some venues have light-up flooring! There are so many ways to incorporate LEDs into DIY rave outfits, and nothing completes an outfit like a pop of light.

This can be an awesome route to take for your outfit. Once night falls, you could be the brightest audience member! They can be used as a necklace, bracelet, or even a belt. You could also opt for some light up glasses or goggles! Get the glasses above HERE. Raves can be pretty hardcore. You want to look great, but you want to be how to use canon video camera. When do you sacrifice practicality for what should i eat everyday to stay healthy And to take it a step further, how can you style your hair while still keeping everything DIY?

Here are some ideas. Braids are universal and will always be stylish. Makes a statement, yet is practical. If you are a dancer, braids are the perfect way to elevate your outfit while still being able to get the hair out of your face.

And the best part? Pair them with some goggles like the look above to finish the outfit. Is it an off day to wash your hair?

Leave your braids in overnight. Braid waves add tons of body to your hair for a completely different look than the night before. Are your baby hairs bothering you?

Try gelling them down in a beautiful pattern. It adds a unique flair to your hairdo and is still practical! This is another great, simple hairdo that will stay put all day. This style is just two ponytails wrapped up into little buns! Have shorter hair?

Try doing a half-up space bun. The bottom of your hair will be loose, but the top section will stay out of how to pitch a film idea eyes and still look great all day.

Try braids and space buns together! You are your worst critic! You stand out when you are confident and happy. How to make a rave outfit luck finding your perfect DIY outfit for your next festival! Remember, the possibilities are endless.

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Jan 20, - Explore Lorraine Rafuse's board "DIY Rave Outfits" on Pinterest. See more ideas about rave outfits, rave bra, rave wear. hello my martians,! heres a video of 7 of my past rave outfits!! i hope these outfits can be amazing rave outfit ideas for you guys! comment below which out. Jun 26,  · To complete your look and to achieve that unique style you'll need some rave accessories. Reflective sunglasses, hats, caps, colored LED necklaces and bracelets are among the most popular. Furry animal hoods are becoming famous among participants as well as motif mouth scarves as skulls, funny lips and more.

Getting ready for the big rave is always my favorite part. When I was little, she used to make entire dresses for me, and to this day I still wear some awesome pieces she made for herself in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

So let me teach you some basics here to get you started. Keep in mind the following while shopping:. It also comes in size XS to 2XL. The skirt has so much flowing material, so buttons are a great item to use for it. The band on this skirt also lends itself to adding some details to it.

There were a lot of different options, some trim that fit the size of the waistband, but I decided I wanted the focus to be the buttons on the skirt. They were so cute so I had to get them. I used one as a simple detail on the skirt waistband. Sewing buttons is time-consuming. You also risk pulling the skirt material from button to button in a not great way if you just continue to each button. Because the buttons were different colors, I could have changed the string color for each one, but I chose instead to match the skirt color which worked out fine.

You only want to sew through the top layer. I had to redo one button because I accidentally sewed through both layers. There is also no precision to where you place them, but halfway through I did try the skirt on to see how they looked and where there were some open spaces.

For my complete look for this festival outfit, I went with a white halter top, heart necklace and pink platforms. I fricken love the iHR Booty Shorts. These little guys are so comfy and were the first thing I ever customized myself.

They really lend themselves to being dressed up with details. It was so cute and so simple to do. For this rave outfit idea, I wanted something different. Instead of sewing something on the band, why not on the sides? Sign me the f-up. Although, because the shorts are so short, I liked the idea of the fringe being shorter as well, and I also was really digging the looped look of it.

So instead of cutting the fringe, I sewed both edges to the shorts and left it as is. Sewing the fringe on this is one of the easiest items to sew. Line up the fringe along the edge, and cut sized to each side with a little extra just in case.

Start on the inside then follow the literal fold of the shorts to remember how to keep a straight line. For my complete look for this rave outfit, I took one of the iHR keyhole halter tops I had customized and my black platform shoes. It takes time to sew, but is so worth it. I can't wait to show off these rave bottoms at my next festival! The Hologram Electro High Waisted Booty Shorts are really cool because they have so many colors in them, you can really do anything with it. They have a lot of space so you can go the button route with this, but I liked the idea instead of doing a band at the top.

Make sure you measure around your waist for how much you need. Do not base it on the size of the garment because once it is on the material will stretch wider than it originally lays. For my look, I thought it would also be fun to add tassels on the sides.

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