How to make a sashay scarf with your fingers

how to make a sashay scarf with your fingers

Finger Knit Scarf

Dec 16, - A blog about crafts, DIY, sewing, and recipes. Create your own projects using my easy to follow step-by-step instructions. A blog about crafts, DIY, sewing, and recipes. Create your own projects using my easy to follow step-by-step instructions. How to Make a Scarf using Sashay Yarn and your fingers. More information. How to Make a Scarf using Sashay Yarn and your fingers. Find this Pin and more on Cute DIY Ideas by proudmommie Tags.

Recently, my husband half jokingly told me he wanted to send me back to home economics. So when I told my husband that I was going to tackle a crochet project, he was admittedly a little doubtful. My challenge? To create one project with the entire ball of yarn! I posted a photo of the completed scarf on Instagramand I received a number of questions about how long it took, how complicated it was, and what pattern I used.

So, I decided to show you step-by-step, how to crochet a ruffle scarf! I also found it helpful to watch a video tutorial on YouTube, and in fact, watched it several times throughout the process. To start, fold over the edge and bring your crochet hook through 9 holes at this point you are doubling up. This is probably the most challenging part of creating the scarf, but it will help ensure that the yarn does not unravel and will help hide the end.

Continue to pick up 9 holes, skip 1 hole, then pick up the 10th. Bring the remaining loops through that last loop to continue creating stitches. To end the scarf, ensure you have at least 10 holes. Double up the yarn as you did in step 1 and crochet through each of the 9 holes, skipping one and picking up the 10th.

The entire process took me about hours, although I admittedly did not crochet the scarf in one sitting. The most difficult parts of the project were beginning and ending the scarf, and ensuring that I did not allow the yarn to become unraveled during those times that I was not working on it.

Just from one attempt, I walked away with a few tips that I think might be helpful what is classical management theory learning how to crochet a ruffle scarf:.

For additional patterns and project ideas, visit Red Heart. You make it loo so easy. Thank you. After pulling the loops through, go back and find the same loop and chain one; this will keep the scarf from unraveling.

Yes you do Lavelle Mooney. It comes out beautiful. I like it better crocheted than knitted. I have done both. Have fun! I made 2 scarves with this tutorial! Very useful and now I have one to wear and one to give what is the meaning of ambiguous Thank you for the info.

The one I am making with your info. This is the first time I have used Net yard and find it a little difficult but I am sure I will get use to it. Thanks again for sharing. Great instructions!! I have looked at other websites for instructions on how to make these, but they have all been so confusing!! I found yours, and how to make a sashay scarf with your fingers couple hours later, I had it done. Great job!! I was given a scarf by a friend and it is beautful!

I want to make one from your instructions looks very easy! Beautful goob! Caryn, sorry i misspelled job on my note to you!

Your instructions are easy to follow. I watched a video and the only thing I really got out how do you stop your puppy from eating poop it wss to take and straight yhe yarn flat and wrap it aroud a empty papertowel cardboard roll.

So that I done. Thst took sometime. But I do better if it id written with pictures. Thsnk you so much for foing that. God Bless You. Thank you so much for this pattern!!! I have tried others and could not figure them out. You explained his pattern so clearly that it was easy to do!

I how to make a sashay scarf with your fingers be starting my third scarf soon. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Pin 5K. Share Aw thanks Christi! So glad this was helpful! Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Islands Happy Hour Menu.

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How to Make a Scarf using Sashay Yarn and your fingers A blog about crafts, DIY, sewing, and recipes. Create your own projects using my easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Oct 30,  · Yarn:Red Heart Boutique Sashay Sequins, PandaFinger Chain Stitches:1st: 30 Finger Chain Stitches2nd: 34 Finger Chain Stitches3rd: 50 Finger Chain StitchesOth. My sister-in-law showed me how to make them. A big thank you to her! They are super easy to make and you don't need any knowledge of crocheting or knitting. And they only take an hour to make! Another plus is the cost. You can make two scarves with one skein of yarn which costs around $5. That's only $ per scarf!

You can find the yarn at Amazon here , or look around at craft shops for better deals. Step One: Loosen the yarn. It will come all bound together on the skein. Your crochet project will go much faster if you take the time now to pull apart the yarn, like this. Step Two: Working on the side without the silver embellishment, count in five stitches and insert your crochet hook into the fifth stitch from the end, like this.

Step Four: Keep skipping a stitch and inserting a stitch until you have twelve stitches on the hook, plus the original stitch. Step Five. Bunch the stitches together and pull them over the stitch closest to the end of your hook.

This will make your first cluster of twelve stitches. Step Six. Skip a stitch and repeat Steps Three through Five, skipping every other stitch until you have twelve stitches on the hook. Pull it through and continue. Step Seven. After working a short way, go back to the unfinished edge and make a knot. Tie it off and cut off any excess, leaving about an inch of yarn past the knot. Return to the last cluster of 12 and keep crocheting. Step Eight.

When you near the end, stop making clusters of twelve stitches and instead make a knot with the remaining yarn. Simply pull it over the hook and through your last stitch. Step Nine. Make a knot at the end to make sure your work is secure. Cut off the excess yarn, leaving at least an inch between the cut and the knot. If you decide to make one, be sure to post a comment below to let us know how your scarf turned out!

FYI…you can easily knit these scarves. Size 9 US needle, pick up 6 loops on one needle then knit using every other loop on remaining yarn. Turn as in regular knitting and repeat. Use the entire skein of yarn. What is the best length for the scarf if I use the whole skein it seems to be to long, I have read 40 inches is a good length. I bought this yarn because it was so pretty and on sale! I really had no idea what to do with it but found a pattern for a rope scarf, which I made. I hate how it looks, just arope around your neck.

I LOVE this pattern and it comes out so lovely, you saved me from giving the yarn away and you saved my sanity. These scarves are the easiest thing to make. Anyone can make one. They can be knitted or crocheted. I prefer crocheting. Using a G hook, I loop every other loop for 8 times, pulling through the 9th loop. I skip one and continue as before. The scarf comes out nice and full, not skimpy,l and had nice size ruffles. It is still long enough to wrap around. I used the whole skein and it comes out perfect.

Great scarves! It would have to be a much shorter scarf, Gail. I guess it comes down to personal preference. I prefer a longer scarf, which gives me greater flexibility on tying, depending on my outfit and my mood. If you wanted a shorter scarf, you would need to pull out the whole skein, find the middle, and cut it before you started to crochet.

I could see a shorter scarf working well for a smaller person or young girl…. I have people tell me the get two and three scarfs out of one skein of yarn. How do they do that? Hi, Pam. You may need to try a smaller crochet hook, or you can try making a scarf with more loops in each stitch.

Instead of 12, try that you pull through. Anyone else have a thought? No worries, Logan. You can pick up a crochet hook or an entire set of hooks at Amazon, any craft store…or even in the craft section of your favorite superstore.

I have never crocheted but want to try this!! I love it. It looks really cool! I watched the video one time and made this great scarf, so easy As I told my husband if you can count to 7 you can make this scarf. I now have my daughter and granddaughter making them. Your email address will not be published. Step Three: Skip a stitch and insert the crochet hook into the next stitch. Step Ten. Let the scarf hang down over the knot.

D Nico on October 10, at pm. Bree on January 3, at am. Mary Horrell on August 11, at pm. Mary Perricelli-Ronda on March 3, at pm. Mary Jane on February 24, at pm. I could see a shorter scarf working well for a smaller person or young girl… Reply. Gail Stewart on February 23, at pm. Pam riley on February 14, at pm. Why does my scarf look like a spiral and not ruffled? MaryJane on February 15, at am. MaryJane on January 27, at pm. Logan bennett on January 27, at pm.

MaryJane on December 1, at pm. Yes, plan on using the whole skein. Good luck! Andrea Rockefeller on November 29, at pm. Cathy on November 11, at am. Thanks Reply. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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