If the earth stop rotating what will happen

if the earth stop rotating what will happen

What Would Happen if Earth Stopped Spinning?

Feb 14, If the earth stops spinning this important magnetic field will go away. It is widely believed that the Earths magnetic field is generated as a result of the Earths inner core rotating faster than the outer thismestory.com: John Misachi. Apr 15, Earth isnt likely to ever get tidally locked to the Sun were too far away for that to happen. And, though our planets rotation is slowing down ever so slightly (a day gets about

But what what is wheat starch used for the movie meant its title more literally? The Day the Earth Stopped Spinning would be a far more destructive bappen than the Hollywood original. Stop the planet suddenly, and everything sitting on top of it would go flying eastward. Imagine people, houses, trees, boulders and rottating being launched sideways at hundreds of miles an hour.

In the aftermath, high speed winds, still rotating nearly as fast as iwll planet, would scour the surface clean. If the slowdown happened more gradually, the effects would still be dramatic, but would unfold over a longer period of time. The first thing we might notice is that the Sun no longer travels across the sky over the course of a day.

The rhythmic cellular processes that tell our bodies when to sleep and when to wake depend in part on regular changes in sunlight to function.

Many creatures on Earth, from bees to trees, rely on circadian rhythms to carry out their lives. Changing these cycles could upend normal behavior patterns. If the planet stopped spinning, it would greatly change the way air currents move once the 1, mph winds had died down. The wind patterns we see today play a significant role in driving eill and temperatures around the globe. Any changes to air currents could result in deserts blooming where forests currently stand, for example, or frozen tundra becoming habitable.

The results could be catastrophic for organisms that depend on specific environments. An Earth with no spin would also mean the end of hurricanes. Winds pulled into the low pressure area of a growing storm are spun counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere, resulting in the spiraling lines and central eye that define a hurricane.

But a motionless planet would also likely mean the wjll of our magnetic field. Scientists call this a dynamo, and the end result is a web of invisible magnetic field lines arcing around the planet. The effects of losing that field would be far worse than just no longer being able to navigate by compass. The processes that form planets and other celestial bodies naturally result if the earth stop rotating what will happen rotation, meaning that all worlds spin from the outset.

But there are some planets that appear to not rotate, something astronomers refer to as tidal locking. These are worlds that show the same face to their star at all times, resulting in permanent night and day sides. The Moon is a good example of tidal locking.

The same situation likely occurs on many exoplanets, especially those close to their stars where the gravitational pull eartth stronger. Though these planets might seem like extreme places frozen on one side, baked on the other some scientists have suggested life might still find a way there. Some astronomers happdn extraterrestrial life could find a happy medium in the twilight zone of tidally locked worlds, near to where day turns to night.

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Dave's Universe Year of Pluto. Groups Why Join? Astronomy Day. The Complete Star Atlas. Cosmos: Origin and Fate what is the resolution of a 1080p tv the Universe. In the film The Day the Earth Stood Stillan extraterrestrial named Klaatu and erath robot companion Gort stop nearly halpen of the electronics on Earth simultaneously, using their advanced alien technology.

Cars, factories, television sets and more all cease to work, and the planet settles into an eerie pause. There might ahppen remnants of an ancient planet buried inside Earth. Earth has been hiding a fifth layer in its inner core. Ask Astro: What happened after the giant impact that created the Moon? The Beginning to the End of the Universe : Looking for life in the universe. Venus was once earthh Earth-like, but climate change made it uninhabitable. What would Earth look like to alien ehat How do we know what's deep inside Earth?

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If the Earth stopped rotating, it's magnetic field would no longer be regenerated and it would decay away to some low, residual value due to the very small component which is 'fossilized' in its iron-rich rocks. Mar 18, If the Earth stopped spinning all at once, it would be enormously catastrophic for much of the planets surface. Though we dont feel it, were all moving along with the planet as it rotates; at the equator, this works out to around 1, miles per hour. Stop the planet suddenly, and everything sitting on top of it would go flying thismestory.com: Nathaniel Scharping. Sep 20, At the Equator, the earths rotational motion is at its fastest, about a thousand miles an hour. If that motion suddenly stopped, the momentum would send things flying thismestory.com: Anna Diamond.

If that motion suddenly stopped, the momentum would send things flying eastward. Moving rocks and oceans would trigger earthquakes and tsunamis. The still-moving atmosphere would scour landscapes. But not to worry: Such an event would require the same amount of energy stored in the momentum of everything on our rotating planet, says Jim Zimbelman, a geologist in the Center for Earth and Planetary Studies at the National Air and Space Museum, and no physical mechanism on earth can supply that.

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