What battery do i need for my laptop

what battery do i need for my laptop

Should I Remove My Laptop Battery to Increase its Life?

Bought a new dell battery and still my laptop battery doesn't charge! Jump to solution. I'm worried if I need to replace my laptop and buy a new one.. Because, its my second battery and just 4 days old. and if a new battery is causing such problems, then i think its very very weird. Aug 05,  · Another option is the battery health check, which can tell you more about the condition of a battery that appears to be in good working order but fails to hold a charge. To test your laptop battery, you’ll need to run a battery report. This is easy to do with Windows

To create this article, 54 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and verified that how to fix broken antenna on car work. This article has been free how to play guitar lessonstimes. Learn more The correct use and maintenance of a laptop battery can help it live a long life.

Laptop batteries are built to handle a certain number of charge cycles one full discharge to 0 mh, then a recharge up to percent. The best way to do what battery do i need for my laptop is to make your laptop run longer on what battery do i need for my laptop battery charge by turning off or reducing all the things that expend power in your computer.

If you are going on a long trip, or just taking your laptop to a local coffee shop, use these tips to help your laptop battery power ,aptop longer. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers.

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Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article parts. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Part 1 of Learn to single-task. Memory that is in use takes more power. This results in using virtual memory on your laptop hard drive which drains on your battery. Use only what you need at any given time. If your laptop has plenty of memory, then keep necessary applications open to avoid loading repeatedly from the hard drive. Close all the applications that run in the dhat, like your syncing or backup software.

Manage your system memory. Run simple applications that don't use much RAM, disk drive, or processing power. Close unnecessary tabs you open in your browser. Heavy applications like games or movie watching are especially hard on the battery. Part 2 of Use the power management settings on your computer that come built in.

Turn off the latop card if you do not plan to access your network or Internet connection. For Mac laptops, there is a button for powering on and off your wireless device is found on the toolbar at the top. Disable Bluetooth. Wht you don't use this feature, you can safely disable it to avoid draining your laptop battery.

Shut down or hibernate the laptop rather than using standby, if you plan on not using it for a while. Standby continues to drain energy to keep your laptop ready to go when you open the cover. Turn off unused ports. Use the "Device Manager" or configure a separate hardware profile see next step.

Create Power-Saving Hardware Profiles. Configure your laptop for the various scenarios on a plane, at the coffee shop, the office, etc.

Defrag your hard drive. The more fragmented your hard drive is in saints row 2 how to get a girlfriend more your hard disk needs to work. Also, do not do this if your computer uses a solid-state drive, what battery do i need for my laptop it will slow and lower your hard drive's life!

Part 3 of Reduce the LCD's brightness level. If you use your laptop in a well lit area or outdoors on a sunny day, try setting it at two or three bars. Turn down the screen resolution. The method for doing this will foe on your laptop lxptop. Right-click on the desktop in Windows 7. Select the Screen Resolution. Turn down the resolution. Avoid displaying white images, if your laptop has an OLED based display. OLED screens jy a lot less power displaying blank.

Part 4 of Upgrade to an SSD. Replace mechanical ,aptop disks if lzptop can. They require higher power to work. An SSD uses less power as it has whar moving parts.

Switch to internal graphics. Set up your settings to use the powerful graphics chip only for playing games or running demanding applications, but you jeed check whether it can be done. Part 5 of Avoid extreme temperatures. Batteries rely on basic chemistry and will die faster at extreme temperatures. Try to charge and use the battery at room temperatures. Use a cooling pad when using a notebook computer on your lap.

But if it's a USB pad then don't use it as it will most likely use up more battery rather than to conserve it. Avoid propping your laptop on a pillow, blanket, or other soft surface that can heat up. Part battfry of Turn what battery do i need for my laptop volume level down, or mute it, if you do not plan hwat use it.

What glue sticks to rubber a copy of data you need to your laptop hard drive laptoo a thumb drive before traveling.

Don't leave a disc in your DVD drive, as it might spin up whenever you launch Windows Explorer or access the Save option in an application. Avoid applications that keep your hard drive or optical drive spinning. Use your phone or a handheld MP3 player, rather than playing songs on your computer. They will keep the hard drive working which uses energy. Turn off the autosave feature on MS Word or Excel. Constant how to become a mail woman will keep your hard drive turning and using energy.

Eject external devices such as pen drives, DVDs, hard disks, etc. Part 7 of Clean the battery contacts. Clean the battery's metal contacts with rubbing alcohol on a damp cloth. Clean contacts increase energy efficiency. Keep the battery fresh. Batteries leak power if they aren't d fairly soon after charging. If you use your "full" battery 2 weeks after you last charged it, you may discover it is empty. Do not charge all of the way. This meed help in the long run by reducing battery degradation with time.

Sony VAIO has a built-in option to set lwptop. Avoid charging your laptop constantly or leaving it on power continuously. You can charge it whenever you like. This has no effect on the life of the battery, unless you're using the computer while charging it, which will shorten it a little bit.

Yes No. Not Helpful 8 Helpful No, but if it is fully charged and mg are charging it and using it, it will affect the battery. Not Helpful 12 Helpful My laptop's battery was working fine until I reinstalled Windows. Now it drains after 30 minutes.


Jul 28,  · As others have mentioned, if you intend on using the laptop for a prolonged amount of time, it is best for the battery to be removed from the laptop before turning it on. This will allow you to reduce wear on the battery so when you do need the battery, it can hold a longer charge for use. Battery on my laptop doesn't hold a charge First thing. It would be incredibly helpful for a technologically challenged individual, such as myself, to be able to call Dell and ask a simple question about a product and get a simple answer that doesn't require all the details of my life. Laptop Battery stops charging whenever it reaches %; My battery shows that it is fully charged, but it is not working; New battery is defective, need to do a return or an exchange; Sony Laptop Battery Error: “Battery is not for this model, not detected, not compatible, or not connected.” Sony Laptop Battery Status: “Plugged in, not.

It would be incredibly helpful for a technologically challenged individual, such as myself, to be able to call Dell and ask a simple question about a product and get a simple answer that doesn't require all the details of my life. Just a simple phone number with a human with good English skills would be great. The term KISS is incredibly applicable here. Now, I am living in Asia. I have a 14 month old Dell laptop computer that doesn't hold a charge.

I start to lose power virtually immediately. My guess is I need a new battery. Can I get some input, please? Happy Holidays. Just fix the problem. Can you post the system model and OS installed? Most laptop batteries have a life expectancy of two years or to charge and discharge cycles. After this time, the battery may lose the ability to charge or to hold a charge for substantial periods of time. When this happens, it's likely the battery needs replacement.

Check the AC adapter brick and verify that any removable cords are fully inserted. Next, make sure that the battery is properly seated in its compartment, and that there is nothing wrong with either the battery or laptop contact points.

How to improve your Dell laptop's battery performance. Browse Community. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Jim Krugh Not applicable. Battery on my laptop doesn't hold a charge. First thing. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. RE: Battery on my laptop doesn't hold a charge. Unplug for a few minutes, then try a different outlet. Examine the cord.

Inspect the connection. Restart the computer, removing the battery in between. Let the computer cool down. Start up your laptop without a battery. Replace the charger. Dell Support Resources.

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