What do they do to prisoners in guantanamo bay

what do they do to prisoners in guantanamo bay

List of Guantanamo Bay detainees

Guantanamo Bay is a U.S military prison established is in Cuba. It is widely known for the cruel and harsh punishment and abuse of prisoners that was committed by U.S military personnel. The prison was made to detain and interrogate dangerous criminals for war crimes. Jul 19,  · The men and boys imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay have frequently engaged in hunger strikes in order to protest their detention and treatment. Many of the prisoners on hunger strike were subjected to forced-feeding, a procedure in which a rubber tube is threaded through a person’s nose and into their stomach in order to convey nutrients.

US officials confirmed that bounties had been paid. Among those wrongly detained was Sami al-Haj, is a Sudanese journalist who was captured on his first assignment for Al Jazeera.

Although it was claimed the prisoners were being kept in humane conditions, within the first two year it was revealed that inmates were subjected to Abu Ghraib-style torture and sexual humiliation in which they were stripped naked, forced what do they do to prisoners in guantanamo bay sodomise one another and taunted by naked female American soldiers, Several dozen prisoners sought to take their own lives.

Despite a loud campaign by legal activists and scholars, the Bush administration insisted that the prisoners were not eligible to be tried by either the usual US civilian courts or under normal military what do they do to prisoners in guantanamo bay martials. It also claimed the protections enforced by the Geneva Conventions were not applicable.

It established new system of legal military commission hearings with with inmate had only the minimum legal how to sync photos from pc to iphone or rights.

Mohammed has been brought for various hearing before panels at Guantanamo, but progress has been stumbling. Ten prisoners are still involved in military commission process. Around 60 prisoners still not cleared for release have never been charged. In the United States Supreme Court ruled that detainees had the right of access to US federal courts to petition under habeas corpus to challenge their detentions, and that the Detainee How to gain pure muscle Act of and the Military Commissions Act of were flawed.

A revised Military Commissions Act was passed by Congress in to address the court's concerns. On Tuesday, President Barack Obama revealed that after after the release of hundreds of inmates to their own countries, or else a third country, just 91 remained. He said planned to step up efforts to release those who had passed the required process to determine they were no longer a threat.

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Although it was claimed the prisoners were being kept in humane conditions, within the first two year it was revealed that inmates were subjected to Abu Ghraib-style torture and sexual humiliation. Mar 02,  · Before we get started, let us first understand that before Trump was POTUS GITMO (Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp) was a fraction of the size it now is. This can be clearly confirmed by the following visuals, identifying a significant amount of expansion for what is expected to be tens of thousands of new ex-elite prisoners. rows · 40 detainees remain at Guantanamo Bay. This list of Guantanamo prisoners has the .

As of January , of the people detained were transferred, 40 remain and 9 died while in custody. Bush's administration in during the War on Terror following the September 11, attacks. Indefinite detention without trial and torture led the operations of this camp to be considered a major breach of human rights by Amnesty International and a violation of Due Process Clause of the Fifth and Fourteenth amendments of the United States Constitution.

During President Obama's administration, the number of inmates was reduced from about [4] to In May , the first prisoner was transferred during Trump's term.

In early February , the Biden administration declared its intention to shut down the facility. At the time of its establishment in January , Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said the detention camp was established to detain extraordinarily dangerous people, to interrogate detainees in an optimal setting, and to prosecute detainees for war crimes.

The Department of Defense at first kept secret the identity of the individuals held in Guantanamo but, after losing attempts to defy a Freedom of Information Act request from the Associated Press , the U.

After Bush political appointees at the U. The Bush administration asserted that detainees were not entitled to any of the protections of the Geneva Conventions , while also claiming it was treating "all detainees consistently with the principles of the Geneva Convention. Supreme Court decisions since have determined otherwise and that U. Rumsfeld on 29 June , that detainees were entitled to the minimal protections listed under Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions.

Current and former detainees have reported abuse and torture, which the Bush administration denied. In a Amnesty International report, the facility was called the " Gulag of our times.

Crawford , appointed by Bush to review DoD practices used at Guantanamo Bay and oversee the military trials, became the first Bush administration official to concede that torture occurred at Guantanamo Bay on one detainee Mohammed al-Qahtani , saying "We tortured Qahtani. On 22 January , President Obama issued a request to suspend proceedings at Guantanamo military commission for days and to shut down the detention facility that year.

The Final Report of the Guantanamo Review Task Force , dated 22 January , published the results for the detainees subject to the review: 36 were the subject of active cases or investigations; 30 detainees from Yemen were designated for "conditional detention" due to the poor security environment in Yemen; detainees were approved for transfer; 48 detainees were determined "too dangerous to transfer but not feasible for prosecution".

On 6 January , President Obama signed the Defense Authorization Bill , which, in part, placed restrictions on the transfer of Guantanamo prisoners to the mainland or to foreign countries, thus impeding the closure of the facility. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said that Guantanamo Bay was unlikely to be closed, due to opposition in the Congress.

On 4 November , President Barack Obama stated that he was preparing to unveil a plan to close the facility and move some of the terrorism suspects held there to U. The plan would propose one or more prisons from a working list that includes facilities in Kansas, Colorado and South Carolina. Two others that were on the list, in California and Washington state, do not appear to have made the preliminary cut, according to a senior administration official familiar with the proposal.

Camp Delta is a unit detention center finished in April It includes detention camps 1 through 6, as well as Camp Echo, where pre-commissions are held.

Camp X-Ray was a temporary detention facility, which was closed in April Its prisoners were transferred to Camp Delta. In , the Associated Press reported Camp 7 , a separate facility on the naval base that is considered the highest security jail on the base, and its location is classified.

The precise location of Camp 7 has never been confirmed. Camp 7 was shut down due to deteriorating conditions of the facilities in Spring The five prisoners remaining were transfered to Camp 5. His description was based on accounts by four guards who had served at Guantanamo. They said prisoners were taken one at a time to the camp, where they were believed to be interrogated.

He believes that the three detainees that DoD announced as having committed suicide were questioned under torture the night of their deaths.

From to , the CIA operated a small site, known informally as "Penny Lane," to house prisoners whom the agency attempted to recruit as spies against Al-Qaeda. The housing at Penny Lane was less sparse by the standards of Guantanamo Bay, with private kitchens, showers, televisions, and beds with mattresses.

The camp was divided into eight units. Its existence was revealed to the Associated Press in A Institute on Medicine as a Profession IMAP report concluded that health professionals working with the military and intelligence services "designed and participated in cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment and torture of detainees. They used medical information for interrogation purposes and participated in force-feeding of hunger strikers , in violation of World Medical Association and American Medical Association prohibitions.

Supporters of controversial techniques have declared that certain protections of the Third Geneva Convention do not apply to Al-Qaeda or Taliban fighters, claiming that the Convention applies to only military personnel and guerrillas who are part of a chain of command , wear distinctive insignia, bear arms openly, and abide by the rules of war. Jim Phillips of The Heritage Foundation said that "some of these terrorists who are not recognized as soldiers don't deserve to be treated as soldiers.

One of the allegations of abuse at the camp is the abuse of the religion of the detainees. One of the justifications offered for the continued detention of Mesut Sen , during his Administrative Review Board hearing, was: [54].

Red Cross inspectors and released detainees have alleged acts of torture, [55] [56] including sleep deprivation , beatings and locking in confined and cold cells. Supporters of the detention argue that trial review of detentions has never been afforded to prisoners of war, and that it is reasonable for enemy combatants to be detained until the cessation of hostilities. Three British Muslim prisoners, known in the media at the time as the " Tipton Three ", were repatriated to the United Kingdom in March , where officials immediately released them without charge.

The three alleged ongoing torture, sexual degradation , forced drugging, and religious persecution being committed by U. Ghezali claimed that he was the victim of repeated torture. Omar Deghayes alleged he was blinded by pepper spray during his detention. An Associated Press report claimed that some detainees were turned over to the U. Hunger-striking detainees claimed that guards were force feeding them in the fall of "Detainees said large feeding tubes were forcibly shoved up their noses and down into their stomachs, with guards using the same tubes from one patient to another.

The detainees say no sedatives were provided during these procedures, which they allege took place in front of U. In a leaked cable, a State Department official requested an interview of a released Libyan national complaining of an arm disability and tooth loss that happened during his detention and interrogations. In May , detainees undertook a widespread hunger strike; they were subsequently being force fed until the U.

Government stopped releasing hunger strike information, due to its having "no operational purpose". However, according to defense attorney Clive Stafford Smith, "The military are cheating on the numbers as usual. Some detainees are taking a token amount of food as part of the traditional breaking of the fast at the end of each day in Ramadan, so that is now conveniently allowing them to be counted as not striking. Attorney Alka Pradhan petitioned a military judge to order the release of art made in her client, Ammar al-Baluchi 's cell.

She complained that painting and drawing was made difficult, and he was not permitted to give artwork to his counsel. During August , there were 23 suicide attempts.

The U. The prisoners supposedly feel that they may be able to get better treatment or release with suicide attempts. Daryl Matthews , a professor of forensic psychiatry at the University of Hawaii who examined the prisoners, stated that given the cultural differences between interrogators and prisoners, "intent" was difficult if not impossible to make. On 10 June three detainees were found dead, who, according to the DoD, "killed themselves in an apparent suicide pact.

According to military officials, the suicides were coordinated acts of protests. Human rights activists and defense attorneys said the deaths signaled the desperation of many of the detainees. Bush administration 's human rights record. Highly disturbed about the deaths of its citizens under U. From June through , the U. The Saudi government developed a re-integration program including religious education, helping to arrange marriages and jobs, to bring detainees back into society.

The Center for Policy and Research published Death in Camp Delta , its analysis of the NCIS report, noting many inconsistencies in the government account and said the conclusion of suicide by hanging in their cells was not supported. In January Scott Horton published an article in Harper's Magazine disputing the government's findings and suggesting the three died of accidental manslaughter following torture.

His account was based on the testimony of four members of the Military Intelligence unit assigned to guard Camp Delta, including a decorated non-commissioned Army officer who was on duty as sergeant of the guard the night of 9—10 June Horton said the deaths had occurred at a black site, known as "Camp No", outside the perimeter of the camp.

The inspectors concluded that "the construction of such a system, whose stated purpose is the production of intelligence, cannot be considered other than an intentional system of cruel, unusual and degrading treatment and a form of torture.

The ICRC reports of several activities that, it said, were "tantamount to torture": exposure to loud noise or music, prolonged extreme temperatures, or beatings.

It also reported that a Behavioral Science Consultation Team BSCT , also called 'Biscuit,' and military physicians communicated confidential medical information to the interrogation teams weaknesses, phobias, etc. Following leaking of the U. The newspaper said the administration and the Pentagon had seen the ICRC report in July but rejected its findings.

According to a 21 June New York Times opinion article, [] on 29 July , an FBI agent was quoted as saying, "On a couple of occasions, I entered interview rooms to find a detainee chained hand and foot in a fetal position to the floor, with no chair, food or water.

Most times, they had urinated or defecated on themselves and had been left there for 18, 24 hours or more. Many of the released prisoners have complained of enduring beatings, sleep deprivation, prolonged constraint in uncomfortable positions, prolonged hooding , cultural and sexual humiliation, enemas [] as well as other forced injections, and other physical and psychological mistreatment during their detention in Camp Delta.

In , Army Specialist Sean Baker , a soldier posing as a prisoner during training exercises at the camp, was beaten so severely that he suffered a brain injury and seizures. In the only top terrorist was reportedly Mohammed al Qahtani from Saudi Arabia, who is believed to have planned to participate in the September 11 attacks in Accounts of the type of treatment he received include having water poured over him, interrogations starting at midnight and lasting 12 hours, and psychological torture methods such as sleep deprivation via repeatedly being woken up by loud, raucous music whenever he would fall asleep, and military dogs being used to intimidate him.

Soldiers would play the American national anthem and force him to salute, he had images of victims of the September 11 attacks affixed to his body, he was forced to bark like a dog, and his beard and hair were shaved, an insult to Muslim men.

He would be humiliated and upset by female personnel, was forced to wear a bra, and was stripped nude and had fake menstrual blood smeared on him, while being made to believe it was real. Some of the abuses were documented in , when the Interrogation Log of al-Qathani "Detainee " was partially published. Kenneth Roth , executive director of Human Rights Watch , characterized them as cruel and inhumane treatment illegal under the U.

Ex-detainees of the Guantanamo Camp have made serious allegations, including alleging Geoffrey Miller's complicity in abuse at Camp X-Ray. In "Whose God Rules? The detainee screamed at the top of his lungs, began shaking, sobbing, and yanked his arms against his handcuffs. The interrogator explained to [the detainee] that he would now feel too dirty to pray and that she would have the guards turn off the water in his cell so he would not be able to wash the red substance off.

There isn't any other nation in the world that would treat people who were determined to kill Americans the way we're treating these people. They're living in the tropics. They're well fed. They've got everything they could possibly want. This Periodic Report is significant as the first official response of the U. The report denies the allegations but describes in detail several instances of misconduct, which did not rise to the level of "substantial abuse," as well as the training and punishments given to the perpetrators.

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