What genre is the giver

what genre is the giver

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SparkNotes: The Giver: Plot Overview. The Giver can also be considered a part of the science-fiction genre. The story takes place in a futuristic world with new and advanced technologies like the ability to control the weather and.

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See the full gallery. A youth named Jonas lives in an equalized, literally colorless, but pleasant society with no knowledge of love or what genre is the giver and such. When he and his best friends Asher and Fiona come of age, they receive their societal roles, with Jonas given the rare position of Receiver of Memories. Because of this, he meets a mentoring elder Receiver later called The Giver. They look at memories of the past world, of joy, of pain, and of love.

As Jonas receives these memories, he breaks the cardinal rule against sharing them with others, what genre is the giver getting in trouble with the watchful Chief Elder. When Jonas discovers that an infant boy named Gabriel will be terminated, his efforts to save the child puts him squarely against his society. Deciding that all must re-learn to see color, to feel pain, and to show and receive love, Jonas becomes public enemy number one.

If you think that the world that George Orwell created in was a rigid one they were positively hedonistic compared to the society shown in The Giver. Playing the title role is Jeff Bridges who is called that because he has a very special duty to be the one entrusted with the memories of the past. The ruling body of the society has to be able to refer to the past to be guided in making decisions.

But we can't have everyone knowing about lest they long for the good things of the past. It's all been abolished the good and the bad, conformity and sameness is the order of things. Color is not even allowed everyone wears drab clothing like they were in prison.

The family is abolished, kids are born and then assigned to nurturers, women particularly go into that occupation and it is an occupation like being a plumber. A new group of young people are being given new assignments and young Brendon Thwaites sits eagerly awaiting his occupation.

He gets the prize as he is chosen to be the Receiver of all the past knowledge from Bridges. His training is to telepathically connect with Bridges all the experiences of the past, the good and the bad.

The use of color in film is never thought of this day, it's simply assumed that films now will be photographed that way. But The Giver takes its place along side Schindler's List and Pleasantville in using color sparingly and to make a point. Color comes into Thwaites world as it has been in Bridges' and the equation of knowledge with color is a point well made.

When Thwaites decides that there's something more out there than what he's grown up with, society shakes. None other than chief elder Meryl Streep wants measures to be taken to stop Thwaites from questioning the order of things.

Thwaits, Streep, and Bridges head how to mold kydex sheet cast that tells a thought provoking tale of curiosity what does it mean when you poop only mucus rebellion and curiosity in seeking something better always proceeds rebellion. The film ends abruptly and I suspect there's some what genre is the giver office soundings being taken to see if a sequel is to be made.

I hope one is, but if it's not The Giver can certainly stand on its own. Sign In. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This.

In a seemingly perfect community, without war, pain, suffering, differences or choice, a young boy is chosen to learn from an elderly man about the true pain and pleasure of the "real" world. Director: Phillip Noyce. How to format a windows 98 Michael Mitnick screenplayRobert B.

Weide screenplay 1 more credit ». Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Unforgettable Oscars Fashion Through the Years. Around The Web Powered by Taboola. IMDb Picks: August Comic-Con Movies. Create a list ». Romance movies. Movies Coming Up. What genre is the giver all related lists ». Share this Rating Title: The Giver 6. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. See more awards ».

See all 11 videos ». See all photos ». Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Jeff Bridges The Giver Meryl Streep Chief Elder Brenton Thwaites Father Katie Holmes Mother Odeya Rush Fiona Cameron Monaghan Asher Taylor Swift Rosemary Emma Tremblay Lilly Alexander Jillings How to decorate a paneled room 12 Months James Jillings Gabriel 12 Months Jordan Nicholas Smal Gabriel 3 Months Saige Fernandes Gabriel 6 Months Renate Stuurman Dinah Vanessa Cooke Elder See full cast ».

Edit Storyline A youth named Jonas lives in an equalized, literally colorless, but pleasant society with no knowledge of love or pain and such. Plot Keywords: black and white segues into color community dystopia memory color See All ». Taglines: You can make things better. See more ». Parents Guide: View content advisory ».

Edit Did You Know? Trivia Jeff Bridges learned that his friend and fellow actor Robin Williams had committed suicide on the same night that the film premiered. It is apparent that Bridges was trying his hardest to hide his pain and prevent himself from crying during interviews on the red carpet.

Both men had co-starred in The Fisher King Goofs When Jonas first reaches the top of the snowy mountain, he checks his map. The antique paper map is in pristine condition, despite having been completely submerged underwater on a long journey through multiple climates which would have severely worn it.

Protected by what genre is the giver Boundary. All memories of the past were erased. Jonas : After The Ruin we started over, creating a new society, one of true equality.

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Jan 19,  · Novels can have elements of many genres within them. First and foremost I would say The Giver is a dystopian novel. Generally speaking a dystopian novel has a . Aug 14,  · The Giver trains his protegee Jonas (Brenton Thwaites) to take on his new job as the Receiver, learning the memories of the past in order to guide the future. While not the most unique story, this tale is interesting in the way it is executed as both cinematography and acting come together to make a fantastic presentation/10(K). The Giver won the Newbery Medal and has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide as of In Australia, Canada, and the United States, it is on many middle school reading lists, but it is also frequently challenged and it ranked number 11 on the American Library Association list of the most challenged books of the s.

The giver is written from the point of view of Jonas, an eleven-year-old boy living in a futuristic society that has eliminated all pain, fear, war, and hatred. There is no prejudice, since everyone looks and acts basically the same, and there is very little competition. Everyone is unfailingly polite. The society has also eliminated choice: at age twelve every member of the community is assigned a job based on his or her abilities and interests.

Citizens can apply for and be assigned compatible spouses, and each couple is assigned exactly two children each. When their children are grown, family units dissolve and adults live together with Childless Adults until they are too old to function in the society.

In the community, release is death, but it is never described that way; most people think that after release, flawed newchildren and joyful elderly people are welcomed into the vast expanse of Elsewhere that surrounds the communities. Everything is planned and organized so that life is as convenient and pleasant as possible. Jonas lives with his father, a Nurturer of new children, his mother, who works at the Department of Justice, and his seven-year-old sister Lily.

At the beginning of the novel, he is apprehensive about the upcoming Ceremony of Twelve, when he will be given his official Assignment as a new adult member of the community.

He does not have a distinct career preference, although he enjoys volunteering at a variety of different jobs. Though he is a well-behaved citizen and a good student, Jonas is different: he has pale eyes, while most people in his community have dark eyes, and he has unusual powers of perception.

He does not know it yet, but he alone in his community can perceive flashes of color; for everyone else, the world is as devoid of color as it is of pain, hunger, and inconvenience. When the community went over to Sameness—its painless, warless, and mostly emotionless state of tranquility and harmony—it abandoned all memories of pain, war, and emotion, but the memories cannot disappear totally.

Someone must keep them so that the community can avoid making the mistakes of the past, even though no one but the Receiver can bear the pain. Jonas receives the memories of the past, good and bad, from the current Receiver, a wise old man who tells Jonas to call him the Giver.

The first memory he receives is of an exhilarating sled ride. As Jonas receives memories from the Giver—memories of pleasure and pain, of bright colors and extreme cold and warm sun, of excitement and terror and hunger and love—he realizes how bland and empty life in his community really is.

Since they have never experienced real suffering, they also cannot appreciate the real joy of life, and the life of individual people seems less precious to them. Jonas grows more and more frustrated with the members of his community, and the Giver, who has felt the same way for many years, encourages him.

The two grow very close, like a grandfather and a grandchild might have in the days before Sameness, when family members stayed in contact long after their children were grown. Meanwhile, Jonas is helping his family take care of a problem newchild, Gabriel, who has trouble sleeping through the night at the Nurturing Center.

Jonas helps the child to sleep by transmitting soothing memories to him every night, and he begins to develop a relationship with Gabriel that mirrors the family relationships he has experienced through the memories. When Gabriel is in danger of being released, the Giver reveals to Jonas that release is the same as death. The Giver tells Jonas about the girl who had been designated the new Receiver ten years before.

When she died, all of the memories she had accumulated were released into the community, and the community members could not handle the sudden influx of emotion and sensation. The Giver and Jonas plan for Jonas to escape the community and to actually enter Elsewhere. Once he has done that, his larger supply of memories will disperse, and the Giver will help the community to come to terms with the new feelings and thoughts, changing the society forever.

However, Jonas is forced to leave earlier than planned when his father tells him that Gabriel will be released the next day. Gradually, he enters a landscape full of color, animals, and changing weather, but also hunger, danger, and exhaustion. Avoiding search planes, Jonas and Gabriel travel for a long time until heavy snow makes bike travel impossible.

Half-frozen, but comforting Gabriel with memories of sunshine and friendship, Jonas mounts a high hill. There he finds a sled—the sled from his first transmitted memory—waiting for him at the top. Jonas and Gabriel experience a glorious downhill ride on the sled.

Ahead of them, they see—or think they see—the twinkling lights of a friendly village at Christmas, and they hear music. Jonas is sure that someone is waiting for them there. Ace your assignments with our guide to The Giver! Summary Plot Overview. Next section Five Key Questions.

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