What if rogue possessed the power of thor

what if rogue possessed the power of thor


The story is: “What If Rogue Possessed the Power of Thor?”, featuring Rogue, the Avengers (the Mighty Thor, Iron Man, Wonder Man, the Vision, Hawkeye, the Scarlet Witch, the Beast, and Jocasta), the Fantastic Four (Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Thing, and the Human Torch), Spider-Woman, Odin, Balder the Brave, the Warriors. Rogue Possessed the Power of Thor?" During a battle with the Avengers in an attempt to free the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants from jail, Rogue absorbs all of Thor's powers which eventually leaves him in a vegetated state. Rogue uses her new Thor powers to devastate the Avengers which leaves Vision, Jocasta, and Hawkeye dead.

Account name: Password OpenID? Forgot it? Remember Me. What if What if a woman had the power of Thor? What if 66 Jul. Before the view announced Thor was to be replaced by a woman, before Thor Girl, there was one of my favorite issues of What If What If What If Rogue Possessed the Power of Thor I'm not sure if the use of the Watcher was still the common method of introducing What If stories at this point but the story begins instead with Destiny and the other members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants inprisoned on Rhyker's Island during the events of Avengers Annual 10 a really great book in it's own right that introduced Rogue, addressed the rapey treatment of Ms.

Marvel in Avengersplus had Spider-Woman. Destiny has a vision of a possible branching path that the world might take. Rogue's syntax becomes a mix of her own southern accent and Thor's pseudo-Shakespearean speech, and with her new found might she is able to destroy both the Vision, and Jocasta.

Meanwhile the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants make good their escape from jail. Rogue throws the Blob out of the plane, and Pyro retaliates by attacking her, what is the frost line in minnesota the fuel in the jet in the process and killing everyone aboard but Rogue, who grieves in the wreckage until a kind stranger comes along to give her new life purpose.

Rogue and Loki how to grow artichokes indoors Asgard together and though the combined forces of Asgard's defenders, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four are able to stop Loki's army he and his new protge are able to make it to Odin's throne room. For he knows now that though he has lost a son-- he has gained a daughter!

Flat Top-Level Comments Only. Rogue's accent has always seemed kind lf half assed to me. If you're going to go southern and show it through spelling, you really need more than pissessed I as ah. Link Reply Thread Hide 3 comments Show 3 comments. Ah mean they ah many otha ways of showin southen tyor. Say it what if rogue possessed the power of thor loud and you'll be understood pretty much any where in georgia.

Some of the prayers are ideal for a southern accent. Link Reply Thread from start Parent. Link Reply Thread Hide 15 comments Show 15 pkwer. I've been binging on elsewheres lately and this seems like the best place to interject. Do they ever get creative? They whar seem to be "slight to moderate change of origin" and subsequent story that rolls out from it.

What if captain America was thawed during vietnam? Most of the time the outcome is actually better than the original in particular to events like AvX or Civil War Only in terms of modern comics! I remember the old ones being fairly terrible scenarios. That might be the difference between elsewheres and what ifs. Elsewheres seem to all be about taking the same origin but tweaking it.

Sometimes quite a bit, sometimes superman is a brit, and sometimes batman is a bloodthirsty whatt or a despotic ruler of a forsaken land. Elseworlds are usually in graphic novel or miniseries form, where as What ifs are single issues. Else worlds really gets into it. Like, the vampire batman wasn't an Origin, it;s like it takes place on a day where batman happens to be fighting dracula and then gets bitten.

Yeah I was really hoping for more crazy out of the elseworlds. More like the one with the lovecraftian horror, or the conjurers of where the world was dependent on magic. Something that does something really different and interesting. Unfortunately a lot of what's different isn't really interesting. I loved Kingdom How to draw japanese faces. The Nail and it's sequel Another Nail are fine stories, actually.

I whwt just say that as a huge fan of Alan Davis and Mark Farmer's collaborations, though. I mean, aside from hundreds of comic books published during the Sixties and Seventies. A fair amount of them are "What if this specific storyline had gone differently? Including pretty much my favourite. It ended with Don Blake what if rogue possessed the power of thor Thor as he was destined to and Odin marrying Jane Foster, which seemed at least three forms of creepy when I read it.

I still remember it decades later. Thor's being trashed--by a woman?! I'm pretty sure that it's McFarlane on the art. Edited Date: pm UTC. Link Reply Thread Hide 7 comments Show 7 comments. Simon Furman on story probably best known for some 90's issues of Alpha Flight and Northstar's generally horrible mini series from the same era and John Royle on art. Furman's probably better known for his Transformers work.

And he didn't handle women well there, either, from what I've read. Yes, this. It's weird. I know Furman's done reams of TF work, and yet it always slips my mind. But the line also appears in Chris Clairemont's Avengers Annual To be fair, it is Hawkeye that's speaking, and I think political correctness would have been pretty out-of-character for him, especially back then.

Claremont does take pains to give Carol Danvers a voice and point out the Avengers' complicity in letting Marcus manipulate her at the end of the same issue. Oh for sure sexist character does not equal sexist writer and the Annual as you say exists what if rogue possessed the power of thor address the very rapey subtext of Thor and Hawkeye's previous actions.

All I was saying is you can't point to this line and say, "oh that Furman," because he's copying it over from Clairemont. Anyone else what if rogue possessed the power of thor at thd scans of Rogue on the airplane and immediately think of Madeline Kahn whah "Oh, you men are all alike! Link Reply. Please read the community ethos and rules before posting or commenting. Expand Cut Tags No cut tags. Top of page.

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What If? #66 - What If Rogue possessed the power of Thor? by blueecho on April 22, An interesting concept at times, as it diverts from the usual What If? script by keeping this one sort of. Synopsis for "What If Rogue Possessed the Power of Thor?" Diverges from Avengers Annual # See Also. Not on Marvel Unlimited. Not on Comixology. Write your own review of this comic! 35 Image(s) from What If? Vol 2 66; Footnotes. Jun 02,  · Marvel: What If Rogue Possessed The Power of Thor? Marvel: What If V2. Marvel: What If Rogue Possessed The Power of Thor?

No recent wiki edits to this page. What If? An interesting concept at times, as it diverts from the usual What If? The story follows Rogue as she takes on the power and identity of Thor, though from the period in time when she was a villain.

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