What is a mandolin in cooking

what is a mandolin in cooking

The 7 Best Mandolines to Buy in 2020, According to Reviews

A mandoline is typically used when making dishes that require uniformly sliced vegetables, such as a potato gratin or homemade potato chips. But it is also used to make french fries, vegetable slaws, and shredded or shaved vegetable dishes. Feb 01,  · A mandoline, also spelled mandolin, is a kitchen instrument which cuts fruits and vegetables into even and precise slices. Consumers who have wondered about how chefs achieve perfectly evenly sliced food need ponder the mystery no more; the chef undoubtedly uses a professional model mandoline.

Getting straight to the point: if you are serious about cooking, you should own a kitchen mandoline. This wonder tool has been around a long time and is a favorite qhat everyone how to remove glue from press on nails the Cooking Light Test Kitchen. We use our mandolines all the time, saving what is a mandolin in cooking the frustration and time it takes to get the same results with a kitchen knife.

If you don't know what a mandoline is, imagine a small guillotine with a stationary blade for fruits and what is a mandolin in cooking. The oft scary tool is usually wielded by professionals operating at break-neck speeds, instilling the fear of slicing off finger tips in the less initiated.

In reality, they are no more dangerous than a chef knife. Both cutting with a chef knife and a mandolin require mandopin with deliberate motions to avoid injuring yourself. Most mandolines come with lots of attachments and safety guards, which are usually intimidating and cumbersome.

My favorite mandoline as well as the entire Test Kitchen's is the Japanese-style Benriner mandoline. With a mandoline, you can create paper thin slices of vegetables that make for a very quick and elegant salad. A mandolin can turn cabbage into thinly sliced slaw for fish tacos and can make raw fennel bulb and red onion slices delicious and less "bitey" when eaten raw.

Cutting potatoes on a mandoline is the trick to making beautiful Potatoes Anna and was key to making White Sea bass with Orange Fennel Relish in 20 minutes. If you are looking for a great gift for your foodie manfolin or a treat for yourself, the mandoline is it.

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What type of mandoline is best?

Japanese mandolines are smaller (which means they're easier to store) and more affordable; chef's mandolines are sturdier and usually come with a larger variety of blades. Which one you choose depends on your budget and your kitchen space, as well as how much cooking you do. If you don't know what a mandoline is, imagine a small guillotine with a stationary blade for fruits and vegetables. The oft scary tool is usually wielded by professionals operating at break-neck speeds, instilling the fear of slicing off finger tips in the less initiated. In reality, they are . A kitchen mandolin slicer is a tool that is used by professional and home cooks for cutting vegetables, fruit and other foods. The mandolin or the French spelling, mandoline, has blades that are extremely sharp. The blades make precise cuts making the food easier to cook and use for appealing meals and dishes.

Just the sight of mandoline slicers can conjure trepidation or fear, which is appropriate considering that the mandoline was invented in the late 18th Century by Doctor Joseph-Ignace Guillotin, better-known for his life-sized eponymous invention, the guillotine.

Years later, a young page working a royal kitchen in Germany soon discovered their brilliant culinary utility while "beheading" a carrot. And the rest, as they say, is history. Despite mandolines' gruesome origins, these slicing contraptions have come a long way. They are no longer only for the pro chefs who are willing to put their fingers on the line. With improved technology and safety standards, mandolines are now built to take your home-cooking game to the next level.

You can precisely and uniformly slice vegetables at lightning speed — whether that's a standard potato slice for potatoes au gratin ; paper-thin carrot ribbons for a shaved salad; or gorgeously even apple slices for an elegant shingled fruit tart.

And it's important to note: That consistency in size also allows for evenness of cooking and thus better flavor and texture. Plus, some mandolines these days can produce up to 30 different types of cuts — crinkle, waffle, matchstick, julienne, dice, and more. If you've been holding back, it's high time you embrace this game-changing tool.

But before you just hop on Amazon and purchase the cheapest mandoline you can find, consider what you want out of your ideal mandoline slicer. Whether it's safety, multifunctionality, beginner-friendly, or advanced, we've got the lowdown on the top-rated mandolines right here.

When your hands are moving with speed and force directly toward a blade, you do not want to mess around when it comes to safety. You'll want a hand guard that offers optimal protection with a good grip and wide barrier. A good sturdy base also helps. Further more, you want as little interaction with the sharp blades as possible, so switches and nozzles that control the blades are ideal.

If setup and cleanup are complicated and cumbersome, you won't use your mandoline for everyday vegetable slicing, so what's the point? Today's models offer compact storage, brushes for ease of cleaning, and more. Be mindful of the maintenance before and after the actual slicing.

The two most prevalent types of mandoline slicer blades are high-grade stainless steel and ceramic. While both are rust-resistant and super-sharp, the ceramic blade is ten times stronger than the stainless steel.

There are three types of mandoline blades: The straight blade is not used as often as it once was, probably because it requires more force more dangerous and is therefore not as effective at cutting delicate ingredients like tomatoes. But tomatoes do just fine on the diagonal blade, which offers a much more streamlined and safe cutting experience. Lastly, the V-slice blade capitalizes on the diagonal, adding a counterpart diagonal for extra stability and safety.

Plus, it cuts like a charm; you'll be done with the meal prep before you know it. The platform, which holds the blade, is the flat surface that the vegetables slide across. Some mandolines have a strangely narrow platform, and you might initially say to yourself, "That one is great!

It won't take up much space at all! If you're the type of home cook who might want to slice an eggplant for a delicious moussaka, then you'll need a wide platform for those big nightshades. Make sure you take the platform size into consideration before clicking the purchase button. This German-made beauty features the super-effective V-slice blade in a surgical-grade stainless-steel that easily snaps in and out.

The ambidextrous food safety holder is sizable, offering ample protection and inner prongs to hold the vegetables safely in place as you slice different widths, julienne, or shred.

Plus, it's easy to clean. Just rinse it under hot water after use and place its parts in the protective storage caddy to air-dry. While this model doesn't have the base, the handheld Kyocera offers a soft-grip texture on the handle that is not only safe but also ergonomic, allowing the user to hold the apparatus with a grip and angle that feels natural for them.

Moreover, it is noticably lightweight, reducing the need to "muscle" your way through the slicing and dicing. A handguard offers protection, as does the dial which controls the blade and thickness of the cuts. Most notably, the Kyocera features a fantastically impressive ceramic blade: They stay sharper up to ten times longer than metal blades, are easy to clean and rust-proof, will not brown the food as steel blades sometimes do , and are resistant to germs and acids.

Originally designed and built for professional chefs in France, this Bron Coucke stainless steel chef's model will delight the home gourmand. The sturdy one-pound slicer, with rubber feet and counter clip, offers three distinct blades and multiple slicing options, as well as an ergonomic design, hand-operated levers, and a plastic safety guard.

Hot water and the sprayer nozzle does it. The Benriner brand is another chef favorite. Their Jumbo model offers the best wide platform, so you can thinly slice cabbage for your coleslaw in a jiffy.

The handcrafted Japanese stainless steel blade is first rate, and the non-skid rubber base and big handle offer stability. It also disassembles for easy cleaning in the top rack of your dishwasher. Impossible for there to be anything better," says one Amazon reviewer. It's plenty wide. Wider than my old slicer, and likely wider than I will ever need.

For everyday slicing and shredding, this is perfect and gets the job done super fast, and it's very easy to adjust the slice thickness or the shred width. With its sliding button to adjust thickness, its knob to pop up the julienne blades, a non-skid base, and rubber ridges to keep it secure over a bowl, this Prepworks handheld mandoline is not only safe, but also effective and dishwasher-friendly. No fuss or hassle," says one Amazon reviewer.

It is my favorite kitchen gadget I purchased this year. It's insanely affordable too! I highly recommend it. This mandoline slicer is so safe, even your older kids can use it.

With a spring-loaded handle that you simply push to cut, hands and fingers do not come anywhere near the blades. Veggies are fed into the slicer via gravity, and slices drop into a container below, keeping countertops clean.

And you can slice, julienne, matchstick, dice, and more, with up to 30 different thickness and cut presets. The apparatus is easy to clean with brushes for blade cleanup, and it folds down for compact smart storage. Plus, it comes with a recipe guide and recipe database access so you can make the most of your new and improved slicing skills. This German-engineered beast with surgical stainless steel blades comes with five interchangeable blades for slicing, julienning, and grating.

The thickness settings are per millimeter with a safe and easy thumb dial control. With 11, Amazon ratings, this mandoline slicer and more is hard to beat.

The adjustable knob makes it easy to get the perfect thickness. Each 'click' makes a difference of about 1mm, so you can be very exact with cuts. No matter how you slice it, the best mandolines are a must-have kitchen tool.

By Lauren Helmer December 05, Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. Best Mandoline Slicers at a Glance.

Safety First. Easy Setup and Cleanup. Blade Material. Blade Type. Platform Size. Best Mandoline Slicers to Buy in Swissmar Borner Mandoline with a white background. Credit: Amazon. Benriner Mandoline Jumbo Slicer with a white background. Close Login. All rights reserved. View image.

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