What size speakers go in a 2004 chevy silverado

what size speakers go in a 2004 chevy silverado

What is the 2004 chevy silverado extended cab speaker size?

4 rows · Find car audio products that work with your. Chevrolet Silverado Select your specific. The Chevy Silverado extended cab speaker size iS6 3/4" front door and 4x6" rear door. You will come into difficulties with the sound. This might be from the stereo's speakers or a phone that is connected to the vehicle. Whatever the source, You will need to have these issues fixed pronto.

Estimated wait for next available agent :. For Tech Support, call Select your specific body style combine pictures to see what baby will look like options below to find replacement speakers, subs, stereos, dash kits, and more. Can't find your exact vehicle? See what Crutchfield has to offer Link. Our installation details on your Chevrolet Silverado will help you do the job. Take a look at our gallery of research photos.

Whatever your level of experience, we can help with your installation — and save you even more money. Here's how:. When you buy a receiver or speakers from us, we'll send you a set of installation instructions, such as our detailed, illustrated MasterSheets, which we create from our own meticulous research. Instructions are available for most vehicles. Installation gear available for most vehicles. When you buy a set of speakers from us, we'll make sure you get the wiring harnesses and mounting brackets you need for your vehicle.

They're available for most vehicles. Our Virginia-based support specialists will take the time to how to grow coriander in melbourne to you through installation snags, troubleshooting, or everyday use.

And you can call them toll-free 7 days a week, for the life of everything you buy from silveado. When you select islverado vehicle on our site, you'll be able to shop from filtered lists of the products, such as receivers and speakers, that we know fit or work with your vehicle.

A green check means that the product will fit into your vehicle's factory openings without the need for any modifications. A yellow warning triangle indicates that the product will fit if you make a minor modification, such as trimming plastic in the dash or drilling new holes for what size speakers go in a 2004 chevy silverado in your door panels. A red caution sign means that a product is larger than one or more dimensions of the factory mounting location and will not fit.

For speakers, the key dimensions include more than just cone size. Pretty much every car on the road these days has a factory stereo. And pretty much every audiophile wants better sound than the factory stereo system can produce. We've disassembled the dashes and door panels of tens of how to start a franchise business in canada of vehicles, measured the spaces where the factory stereos and speakers fit, and loaded our findings into our massive fit database.

Our system then compares these measurements to the dimensions of a given receiver or speaker to determine which aftermarket products will fit in the factory location.

No one else in cbevy consumer electronics industry does the kind of stuff we do. You'll often see us note that silveraado product "works with" your vehicle. This means that while cyevy doesn't necessarily fit in a factory location, it's still designed to be compatible with your vehicle's electronics or interior design. We also carry a wide range of products that actually are designed to work exclusively with hwat vehicles. See sizr to learn more. When you're choosing new car audio gear, the first step is to choose the gear that fits your car.

The second step is to get it installed correctly. That's why we developed the Crutchfield KitFinder. With KitFinder, you'll be able to use our massive database to find and compare gear what size speakers go in a 2004 chevy silverado will fit your specific vehicle.

We'll also make sure you have the installation parts and instructions that make the job easier. With most orders, you'll also get a set seakers Crutchfield's legendary vehicle-specific disassembly instructions.

Created using info gathered by our Vehicle Research Team, these guides give you step-by-step guidance and detailed illustrations or photos.

They're available for thousands of vehicles. To see which speakers fit your vehicle, we've disassembled the what is sustainable development based on uk panels of tens of thousands of vehicles, measured the spaces where the factory silverwdo fit, and loaded what are some good side dishes findings into Crutchfield's massive fit database.

Our system then compares these measurements to the dimensions of a given speaker to see if it will fit in the factory cavity. Many manufacturers have designed products that work directly with specific vehicles. Whta include:. With many of these products, you'll have to check your vehicle for available space, and carefully plan your installation in advance.

The most common include:. Dash kit: A dash kit includes any trim pieces and brackets needed to mount a new radio in your dash opening and keep a clean factory look. Wiring harness: A wiring harness makes connections between your new radio and your vehicle's wiring. Splice the harness's wires to your new radio's wires, then plug the other end of the harness into the connector you unplugged from the factory radio.

Antenna adapter: An antenna adapter connects the plug on your vehicle's antenna cable to the standard Motorola antenna input on your new radio. Integration module: What jaundice level is dangerous integration module plus a wiring harness connect and enable communication between your new radio and your vehicle's factory electronics.

Splice the module's wires to your new radio's wires, then plug the other end of the wiring harness into the connector you unplugged from the factory radio. Steering wheel control SWC adapter: A steering wheel control SWC adapter makes the connection between your new radio and your vehicle's factory steering wheel audio controls.

In most cases, you'll have to connect wires, and set the adapter to work with your new radio. Close contact box. Call See our hours Our hours Hours 7 days a week. Looking for International Support? Connect ID. What is Connect ID? Call us at Your advisor will be able to share relevant pages and add items to your cart. Your security and privacy are ensured. Our advisors cannot see anything that is on your how to play volleyball pdf. They only have the what size speakers go in a 2004 chevy silverado to "serve" a page from our site and put items in your cart.

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For Tech Support, call Begin chat. Thank you,! Your Advisor. Order number. Billing zip code. Billing last name. Virtual agent:. No Yes You said. Your phone number. Look up order. Virtual agent: Would you like to schedule a callback from Tech Support? Virtual agent: Thanks! We found your order what is a food hygiene certificate. Please fill out the following and we'll have someone from Tech Support call you back at your convenience.

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Jan 28,  · ACDelco® GM Original Equipment™ " x " Front Door Speaker. 5. # mpn Chevy Silverado with Enhanced Speaker System , GM Original Equipment™ Front Door Speaker by ACDelco®. ACDelco GM Original Equipment Car Speakers turn electrical energy into mechanical energy to move air using a permanent magnet. Apr 27,  · Silverado "Judas" Crew Cab and Short Bed L Vortec Diablo Predator True Dual Exhaust: Hooker MaxFlow Mufflers and X-Pipe Drop-In K&N Air Filter Alpine Stereo System: iDA-x Deck, SPS Front and Rear Speakers, KTP Amplifier Future Upgrades Include: Cosmetic/Other: Spray-In Bed Liner, HID head lights, Leveling Kit. Give us a call during our business hours and we would be happy to assist you. Vehicle: Chevrolet Silverado Product Category: Call

Estimated wait for next available agent :. For Tech Support, call In brief: This Crutchfield Research Garage article gives you an overview of your truck's stock stereo system and your aftermarket upgrade options. Use our vehicle selector to find the gear that will fit your Silverado or Sierra. The Silverado and Sierra are popular, hard-working trucks that are built to last.

GM built this particular version from to , and then kept it on as the Silverado Classic when they switched to the new body style. They're great-looking trucks, but the factory stereos come up a little short.

If you have an '07 and you're not sure which version you have, check the exterior photos above and see which front end looks like your truck. If yours looks like the more subtle new Silverado, see our profile for the Chevy Silverado. You'll need a mounting kit to trim out the new stereo, a wiring harness that allows you to connect it without having to cut the factory wiring, and an antenna adapter that connects the Chevy antenna plug to your new radio.

Crutchfield includes these installation parts at a very deep discount with your receiver order. You'll also get our step-by-step disassembly instructions. Crutchfield Research Photo. You can always pick a stereo that offers satellite radio reception, either from a built-in tuner or an add-on tuner, then call SiriusXM to transfer your subscription. If your truck is equipped with the Bose system, you'll need a wiring interface to connect your new stereo to the Bose amplifier and speakers, while retaining all warning chimes and OnStar functionality if activated.

When you put the stereo you want in your cart, we'll show you what's available for your truck, and which features you'll be able to retain.

You'll also get a discount when you add them to your order. Tools needed: Panel tool, hacksaw blade to remove rear support , 7mm socket, ratchet and extension. It's relatively easy to retain your truck's steering wheel audio controls when you install a new stereo. When you enter your vehicle information , our database will choose the adapter you need to make your factory steering wheel controls work with your new receiver.

These adapters also get discounted when you buy them with a new stereo. Shop for car stereos that fit your GMC Sierra Crutchfield includes the mounting bracket if needed and speaker wiring harnesses with every speaker order.

Trucks with the Bose system will have a tweeter up in the pillars. Non-Bose vehicles may have a tweeter next to the speaker in the door. Your Bose-equipped Silverado or Sierra will have tweeters in the A-pillars. These are also easy to remove, and offer a handy mounting spot for an aftermarket tweeter. Some tweeters include adjustable brackets for locations like this.

The Bose rear door speaker is a round model in a 4"x6" bracket. Shop for speakers that fit your GMC Sierra Some later models with the Bose system have a powered subwoofer mounted in the center console. You can remove this sub and its small amplifier, and replace it with an aftermarket sub if you power it with a new amp. Many of them are already loaded with a sub, and some even include a built-in amp.

These sub enclosures install neatly in your truck, so you'll get plenty of bass without losing valuable cabin space. Shop for vehicle-specific subwoofers for your GMC Sierra There are plenty of other ways to improve your Silverado or Sierra.

Here are some of the ways Crutchfield can help. If you really want to hear your music without taxing your speakers, add an amplifier. There are plenty of inexpensive options that will give you the ability to hear your music loud and clear, especially when paired with some upgraded speakers.

Mounting options abound; a best bet is under the front or rear seats. Thankfully, there are plenty of aftermarket receivers that will work beautifully with an outboard SiriusXM satellite radio tuner. Or you can use a portable navigation unit, which you can move between vehicles as needed and keep tucked in a storage compartment when not in use. Installing a security system in your Silverado or Sierra isn't easy security systems rarely are , but it's less complicated than it could be.

Our Crutchfield Advisors can help figure out what you need to get the job done, but we usually recommend taking your truck and your new gear to a professional installer. Shop for car security systems for your GMC Sierra Visit our Outfit My Car page and enter your vehicle information to see stereos, speakers, subs, and other audio accessories that will work in your vehicle.

Nothing plays, no sound at all. I was going to start with the amp, where is it? What would be your recommendation for a replacement system? I just have the stock stereo and speaker system, it is not bose. However, I do not want to replace the stereo The stereo is the amplifier right?

So how many RMS watts does the stock stereo system output to each speaker? It needs to be at least equal to the minimum RMS wattage of the speakers I plan to by right? Why do you lose compass and thermometer function when replacing this radio? It is because the replacement radio lacks sensors or connecting wires? Seems like unless the actual sensors for direction and temp were a part of the original radio, there wouldn't be a problem with some sort of connection from an external sensor to the original display.

I really use the compass. And external temp is important on occasion as well. I have a Silverado hd. It has the factory six speaker system. Woofers and tweeters in the front doors. I bought the infinity reference component system to replace them.

Since there are two sets of wires going to each speaker, how should I hook it up to the crossover? Should I splice the tweeter and woofer wires and connect it to the infinity crossover?

Will I lose the digital function compass and temperature in rear view mirror if I replace the headunit? Will I lose the compass and temperature indicator if I replace the radio? I have a Kenwood dnxbh stereo that was installed in my gmc yukon slt I now have a Chevy Silverado z71 ext cab. Was wondering if all the same wiring harnesses from the yukon would work on my Silverado for the same stereo? The radio works now but only if you plug in your headset from the backseat The radio doesn't play to the speakers just to the headset and it's plugged The middle Consol for the backseat.

Can you help me out tell me what exactly you think would be wrong with it thank you. I have a GMC Sierra and I bought a wire harness kit that comes with the interface unit to keep your factory steering wheel controls but I don't have the controls on my steering wheel can I still use the harness I bought?

Hi I wondering if you know where the stock amp is located in a new body Silverado extended cab? Thanks in advance. How big is the amp in 07 Silverado hd extended cap, with Bose 6 speaker system. Keith, I've sent your question to our sales team, and they'll be contacting you via email soon.

For immediate help, you can contact them via phone or chat. In my Chevy Silveraldo ext cab non Bose and with only 4 speakers. I have already installed the Infinity Kappa 6. The door speakers are driven using an Infinity Reference a amp and my sub is an Infinty Basslink 2. After hours of research first on Crutchfield, I have still not found a General Motors add an amplifier interface device for my year truck.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance for your help. Andrew, The reason we caution against flip-out screens is that the dash overhang won't allow the screen to fully extend when open. If you're disc-free, you'd be much better off with a digital media receiver.

Give us a call and talk to one of our advisors. We can help you choose a receiver that'll work in your truck. It says the head unit with a flip out screen won't work on my 07 Silverado. Who listens to CDs anymore anyway? Ryan, Looks like your comment got cut off there, sorry. If you bought your gear from Crutchfield, you can call Tech Support for free help troubleshooting your system.

Check out our tech support page for details. I have a lbs silverado classic the rear speakers never worked. I did notice someone rewired the front 2 speakers. May have a short somewhere. I have tested continuity and cannot find the other end of the wire that connects to the radio I have checked every wire on the wire harness. I have followed the wire from the rear speaker down the bottom plastic up the side of the dash and then I lose the wire I have no idea where else it runs I have the whole dashed removed the tan part.

Zach, I've sent your question to our sales team, and they'll be contacting you via email soon. I have a Silverado crew cab with 4 speakers and 2 additional tweeters in the front doors.

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